Content Writing as the Major Significance Tool for Digital Marketing

Written content is essential but not the only part of the digital marketing strategy. Being combined with the other methods of communication with customers, it is still one of the most powerful tools in a digital environment. In this article, we want to prove to you the significance of content writing for your digital marketing strategy and show some non-obvious insights.

Brief Questions and Answers Before We Start

So, the written content is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. However, in order to assess its importance for marketing promotion, it is necessary to answer a few basic questions regarding digital marketing.

What Is Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing is a set of approaches a brand uses to achieve marketing goals with the help of content. There are can be a lot of achievable goals with the help of different types of content, for example, increase traffic or improve users’ engagement.

Why Is Content Marketing Important

Content marketing is important because no digital marketing strategy can exist without content. In other words, if you are a company, and you want to develop in a digital world, you should produce content, your content should be of high-quality and it should help you to achieve marketing goals.

What Is Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is a document that describes in detail each action of a business in the digital space. The overall digital marketing strategy can be divided into a content strategy (and this also proves the importance of content marketing and the reasons to create a content marketing strategy), SEO strategy, SMM strategy, guest posting, and hashtag strategies.

What Are the Types of  Internet Marketing Content

There are a lot of content types that can be useful for brands and companies. There are the basic four groups.

  • Video. Everything is clear here – video dominates the marketing industry.
  • Visual. These are pictures, photos, infographics, and ads.
  • Voice. A lot of companies are connecting with audiences with the help of podcasts – this is the basic example of voice content.
  • Written. Written content is everything where we see the writing letters. And in a majority of cases, it can be used in great combinations with other types of content.

For example,

  • It is possible to add a written transcription to a video, and by the way, the videos themselves are always created according to a written script.
  • Infographic is a great example when written text and graphics are combined.
  • The written text itself can also acquire new forms – research or blog posts can be converted in SlideShare or e-book.

That is why it has a lot of sense to talk about content writing as an important part of a content marketing strategy.

Written Content Builds Your Audience’s Awareness

Of course, written content cannot be viewed separately from graphic design. Incompetent design can ruin even the highest quality content created by professional authors from the Online Writers Rating review website.

However, assuming that everything is fine with your design, textual information is the first source where users begin to search for answers to their questions and get acquainted with the brand. Visual and video content is already the next stage, which begins after the user is convinced that you are suitable for him and begins to dig further.

Writing content is also a basic way to educate your audience. Studies have shown that 66% of users want to receive quality educational content from the brands they work with.

Written Content Describes Your Product Pages

Product pages are important elements of your sales funnel. At this destination, a final purchase decision must be made. Yes, photos and videos of the product also mean a lot, but the user will read the specifications in the text, and most importantly, the text is able to show the benefits of the product in such a way that it evokes emotions. And stimulates the purchase.


The Quality of Written Content Determines Your SEO Results

Previously, it was enough to write a canvas of text and fertilize it well with key queries. Then it was called “text for search robots.” Modern search robots have become smarter, and users have become more demanding. However, there is a thing that has not changed – you get most of your SEO results directly from the text materials.

Moreover, the better and more interesting your written material is, the better the behavioral factors your users show – and the more Google loves it.

Storytelling Is Impossible Without Writing Content

Storytelling is one more strong marketing trend. More and more brands are telling their users stories to enable them to feel their involvement and relevance. And stories are also impossible without text, even if they are presented to the user in a video format. Any story always means text, and here the professionalism of the author is of great importance. Most brand stories are written according to the template – background, problem, solution, and this explains why the stories convert well. Users see the problem and solution more clearly.

Written Content Can Make You an Industry Well-Known Specialist or Even an Influencer

We have already said a few words about the quality of written content in terms of search engine promotion, but there is one more human factor. Competent and expert articles written on your blog position you as an industry specialist. For your company, this means more trust and more confidence in your professionalism. For your personal brand, this means more fame and more influence.

Social Media Written Content Engages Your Audience

Social media content is also impossible without the art of the word. Yes, most of the content that we consume on social networks is a video or visual material, but as soon as a certain visual bait interests us more, we immediately turn to the text in the hope of quickly finding answers to our questions.


Conclusion – Written Content Is the Foundation of Every Digital Marketing Strategy

As you can see, no digital marketing strategy can work without text. Even despite studies that the brain perceives visual information better than textual information, and video dominates all marketing initiatives, the written word does not lose its power.


About Author


This article was written by Ana Mayer, a project manager with 3+ years of experience. While projects can do without her participation (which means almost never), she likes to read and create expert academic materials for the Best Writers Online  review website. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.