Connected Worker Market Demand and Research Insights by 2030

Connected Worker Market: Summary

The benefits of the emergence of a digital era are visible through many aspects across the globe. Today, every individual and business is digitally connected through one or the other way. While every business and sector is proceeding toward digital connectivity, the manufacturing sector was lagging in some aspects.

Every worker at the manufacturing plant was earlier chalking all the data of the day-to-day activities manually. With the advent of connected worker technology, the manufacturing sector has transcended into an era of connectivity, thus reducing human errors and enhancing digitalization in operations smoothly. This allows the manufacturers to prevent gridlocks and escalate efficiency.

A connected worker solution is a software or platform which allows the manufacturers to derive real-time visibility in their processes by digitization and augmented operator workflow. The transcendence toward these platforms on a large scale may assist the global connected worker market to gain great growth across the assessment period of 2024-2030.

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Connected Worker Market: Competitive Analysis

Although the connected worker market is in its nascent stages, it is highly fragmented with a diverse range of players from small startups to large tech-giants. This factor makes the competition interesting. As many manufacturing companies gear up for transforming their factory into the ‘Factory of the Future’, the players in the connected worker market strive hard to design platforms that help the factories to connect seamlessly without any barriers or bugs.

To create awareness among the manufacturers of various sectors, the players design advertising strategies and display their platforms at various exhibitions and tech-meets. This factor helps in the magnified generation of revenue. The players are also involved in activities like mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures for expanding their dominance.

Some well-established players in the connected worker market are Vandrico Solutions Inc., Honeywell International Inc., Intel Corporation, SAP SE, Oracle Corporation, and Avnet Inc.

Connected Worker Market: COVID-19 Impact

Some tremors in the growth rate of the connected worker market were observed during the strict lockdown imposition period applied by various countries on the grounds of COVID-19. As the countries relaxed some restrictions and allowed manufacturing facilities to operate, the demand for connected worker solutions increased greatly.

Remote assistance to the workers and the ‘track and trace’ initiatives with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) technology are some of the features that have led to an increase in demand for connected worker platforms.

Connected Worker Market: Uses across Different Work Categories

Connected worker platforms are used across people associated with different work categories. Some prominent work types are as follows:

Executives: Novel connected worker not just connect on-field workers but also executives with the workers in the plant to enable smooth resource allocation to the workers.

Operators: When operators are integrated with connected worker platforms, the complexity of their tasks is reduced with the help of a connected infrastructure. This infrastructure assists better than manually jotted down SOPs.

Field workers: On-field workers are connected seamlessly with remote workers and support systems with the help of connected worker platforms.

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Connected Worker Market: Benefits

Some benefits of connected worker platforms are as follows:

  • Real-time access to all data
  • Enhanced visibility of on-field work
  • Strong error-elimination
  • Simpler asset management
  • Increased support for the geriatric workforce
  • Efficient and collaborative manufacturing systems

Connected Worker Market: Geographical Prospects

North America may emerge as a prominent growth contributor for the connected worker market across the assessment period of 2024-2030. A significant factor is the large presence of players involved in the connected worker market across various countries in the region. The connected worker market is also increasing its influence in Asia Pacific as several industries are present in the region.

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