Clash of Red Drvils and Chelsea

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking forward to the battle with Chelsea at Wembley post securing a place in semi-finals. The match-winning goal happened in extra time to send the visitors into the finals.

Manchester United will fight with Chelsea in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, with Arsenal battles with Manchester City.

Chelsea defeated Leicester City on Saturday where Ross Barkley made a goal, and both Frank Lampard’s side and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team will be eager to replay their win at Wembley to compete for silverware in August.

The clash between Arsenal and Manchester City will happen in the other semi-final on the 18 and 19 July after they won over the better of Sheffield United and Newcastle United respectively. Solskjaer spoke about game with Chelsea,  ‘We’re delighted to be in the semis to be against a team we’ve played so many times. ‘In the last 18 months, we seem to have played Chelsea every other weekend. ‘It’s a game we’re looking forward to.’

Clash of Red Drvils and Chelsea


Though United Manchester has a 15 unbeaten game trend Solskjaer prefers the team to be grounded and work hard. He said,  ‘The players are working really hard and want to do as well as they can, and for me, as a team, we’re trying to implement our ideas,’ the Norwegian said. ‘Talk about 14 games we can talk about the next one and go into the next game knowing you’ve won the previous game. ‘It’s a good place to be in.’ He added when asked about the chances of his team qualifying. “I think every year you’re in the Champions League is a great experience, for the players it’s a step forward. ‘For us, it’s what we’re striving to do, winning trophies, and we need to focus on one game at a time. ‘There are so many teams that want that place so you can’t get distracted about looking too far ahead and onto the next one.’

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