How to become a criminal defense Attorney

It’s possible you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, maybe it has been your dream since childhood, or you want to follow in your father or mother’s footsteps. One way or the other, the thought is in your head and you wouldn’t be reading this if that were not the case. Here, we’ve gathered facts and information on everything you need to know on how to become a criminal defense lawyer. Gain more knowledge on this field, how to become a criminal defense lawyer and some basic facts you should know about. There are various kinds of defense lawyers; murder defense attorney Boston, Robbery or rape defense lawyers etc. Depending on the type you choose to major in, here’s what you should know.


First of all, we’ll define criminal law. Criminal law is a set of rules which aims to punish or set free one who is accused of crimes that are harmful, threatening or endangering the lives of public citizens and properties.


Rules and punishments set aside for such people is called a crimes legislature. Such criminal acts include, fraud, murder, robbery, sexual assault, rape, property damage etc. Criminal laws are set up to curb such actions from taking place.


How to become a criminal defense attorney

To be a criminal defense attorney, you must be able to under any level of pressure. You must love your job and enjoy challenges normally to be able to be successful in this field.


You need to be smart as well, think outside the box because as a criminal lawyer you will be gathering a lot of evidences to defend your client in court. Keen attention to detail is very vital, leave not stones unturned.


Also, don’t take failures so hard on yourself, failures give room to more growth. That you failed a case today doesn’t means your career has come to an end.

The road to the criminal defense attorney career

If you’ve decided that becoming a criminal defense lawyer, is the path you want to follow, there are several important things you must attain.


You must have a qualifying degree in law, or any other field of study accompanied by completing the graduate diploma in law.

If you want a career as a member of the bar, you will have to take and pass the professional training course so as to complete your qualification.


If you’d rather be on the path of a solicitor, you will need to take the legal practice course followed by a series of training to be able to pass the new solicitors qualifying exam.


If you’re not looking to follow any of the above mentioned, there’s still another process called the prosecution service legal training scheme. You can become a Boston Criminal Defense Attorney  through this method Instead of going through a firm or chamber. Do bear in mind that there are limited slots for this particular program.