The use of airport charging stations has been spurred by widespread use of mobile phones by passengers, growing on the back of growing ubiquity of smartphones. They have been installed at airports to meet passengers’ convenience and need. The airport charging stations market has been rising on the growing popularity of public charging. In recent years, mounting data theft risks and malware risks have been key aspects influencing the demand dynamic in the market. In the light of this, players are focusing on improving the safety of USB sockets so that they can’t be used by nefarious motives. More prominently, air passengers have become aware of the imminent risks and adopting technologies that reduce these risks. This is a key aspect of the evolution of the market. In this regard, USB charging adapters have grown in popularity.

The transportation industry has been high on the vulnerability risk of hackers. The risk has been reiterated by various technology and IT companies. Cybercriminals have been increasingly targeting these over the past few years. The market has seen demand stimulated by various safety aspects. A case in point is warning consumers not to use leftover USB devices and cords. Further, banning of USB storage devices will offer a positive bearing on the market. Moreover, the concerns of battery safety is a notable factor adversely affecting the demands in the airport charging stations market. Thus USB charging stations may have lost some sheen in several countries. Nonetheless, increasing consumer awareness has mitigated the cyberthreat risks. Moreover, airport facility providers and aeronautical manufacturers have also become more aware of the nefarious. The free of cost of rechargeable services will also help bolster the demands in new airports around the world.

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Airport Charging Stations Market: An Overview

The widespread use of cell phones has offered a competitive edge to the airport charging station. Airport operators are providing charging station free of cost to the passenger so as to improve customer experience, the trend is working in favor of market’s growth.

Transparency Market Research announced to launch a report on the airport charging stations market that will help is readers with the pivotal aspects of the industry. The study will offer vital information related to the latest market trends, revenue estimates, and vendor landscape during the forecast period of the airport charging market. Along with this, the report is assessed to offer feasibility of new investment from business point of view.

Airport Charging Stations Market: Notable Developments and Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent players operating in the airport charging stations market are Arconas, Veloxity One LLC, KwikBoost, ETone, ChargeUp, Charge Box, and Power Tower. These players are ramping up their investments to improve the mobile charging speed. This is because high charging speed could help serving large consumers.

  • The competitive landscape of the airport charging stations market is fragmented with the presence of several local and international players.  These players are relying on acquisitions and mergers with tech giant and vendors to strength their foothold.
  • This can be attributed by the fact that on march 2019, Luxor announced to acquire KwikBoost, an established player in the airport charging stations market. As per the Luxor, the acquisition will help KwikBoost to expand its services in several new regions.

Such developments will make airport charging stations market more competitive and service oriented.

Airport Charging Stations Market: Key Trends

The airport charging station is expected to rise on the back of the increase in number of air traffic. Low cost of air travel, rise in globalization and increase in international tours are some of the prominent factor expected to drive the global airport charging stations market.

Along with this, increasing investments by the players to adopt latest technology that offer improve charging experience to consumers is another factor projected to fuel the airport charging stations market.

Cyber threat is profiled as a major bottleneck for those operating in the airport charging stations market. This is preventing consumers from using a charging station at the airport. To overcome this, players are running campaign and working to improve awareness among the consumers regarding data safety at the charging safety. Apart from this, battery safety and prolonged charging duration are some other factors projected to restraint the growth of the airport charging satiation market during the forecast period.

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Airport Charging Stations Market: Regional Outlook

On the basis of geography, the airport charging stations market is classified into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.

Among these regions, North America is projected to hold highest share in the airport charging stations market. This is mainly increasing adoption of air travel by the people of the region. Further, Asia Pacific holds highest growth potential in the airport charging stations market. This is due to rapid expansion of globalization in India, China, and Japan owing to rapid expansion of commercial sector.

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