What is an SSL Certificate? How to Buy?

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The Internet has become increasingly involved in our lives and websites have started to increase in proportion to this. As the processes and applications taking place on these websites begin to diversify, securing data traffic has become a necessity, even a necessity. The necessary thing to ensure the security of the data traffic on the websites is the SSL Certificate.

If you complete a seminar or a course, you can integrate it into your website as a certificate holder after several processes, just like for the website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, if we translate it into the UK, we can say (Secure Login Layer). It is possible to secure data traffic between server and client by encrypting it with SSL. SSL Certificate is installed on the hosting service (hosting) where the website is located. ” Http ” before installation the website that works with the protocol will start working as “https” by switching to the secure protocol after installation. This encrypted data traffic between server and client is provided with international standards such as 128 bit and 256 bit. The only thing you should not forget while buying an SSL product is that SSL certificates do not provide the software and security of your site. SSL product only encrypts the data traffic between the user and your site at user logins on your site, to prevent private information, i.e. credit card, TC number, etc. from being accessed by third parties.Choose the best colocation hosting plan from the top web hosting providers.

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What are the SSL Certificate Types?

As the word SSL is an English word, its varieties sometimes confuse people. For this reason, when purchasing, you should pay attention to which class the SSL product enters and it should be purchased accordingly.

What is Standard SSL? (Domain Verified)

Standard SSL certificate, as can be understood from its content providing 2048 bit encryption, is a standard level SSL certificate covering only the domain name. A Standard SSL certificate is generally used to secure the data traffic on a network. As can be understood from its name, no document is needed while getting this cheap ssl certificate uk.

How Does It Look?

Comodo Positive SSL and Rapid SSL Certificate: Offers $ 10,000 warranty and can be purchased with a choice of at least 1 year. The activation time is specified as 1 hour and your hosting product is installed free of charge by customer support specialists in the email shop.

What is Wildcard SSL (Subdomain Supported SSL)? (Domain Verified)

Wildcard SSL means protecting an unlimited number of subdomains by ordering once, along with the domain name of your site. Thus, when you need SSL for subdomains, you will not have any additional costs and you can have an unlimited Wildcard SSL product. These SSL products will not require documents. You can also visit colocation hosting providers 2024.

How Does It Look?

Comodo Unified Communications SSL Certificate: Although the warranty is $ 250,000, it is a type of certificate used for Microsoft Exchange 2024 and above and to secure the security of Microsoft Office Communication Server 2024 environments.

Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL Certificate: It is a type of certificate that includes subdomain support that can be installed in any system as standard with a $ 10,000 warranty price.

Rapid SSL Wildcard Certificate: It is the most preferred Wildcard SSL product in the world with a $ 5,000 warranty price.

What is EV (Green Bar SSL)? (Organization Verified)

It is the SSL certificate type that has the highest level of security and indicates the legal, official, and commercial existence of the certificate holder and provides many comprehensive corporate verification processes. This product is provided if it is deemed sufficient after the verifications made by certificate producing companies. Here’s what we’re going to deduce: Not everyone can own an EV SSL product. You must have a business activity or a legal document. After you have this product, your title will be used during the legal verification in the place referred to as the Green Bar in the browser. This will increase your trade conversion rate as people will see your website more secure.Which is the best cheapest email hosting provider company?

How Does It Look?

Comodo EV SSL: It is one of the most preferred SSL products with a $ 1.750.000 warranty price. The activation period takes between 1-15 days.

Geotrust True Business id With EV SSL: It is still the preferred SSL product with a $ 1,500,000 warranty price, but it is at medium levels in terms of cost.

Symantec Secure Site Pro With EV SSL: It is preferred by major e-commerce sites and banks in the world, with a warranty price of $ 1,750,000.

We have learned what SSL means and its types. If you have also made your decision, by clicking here, you can get an SSL Certificate from The email shop and make the data traffic on your site more secure.Buy best email hosting services from the email shop.