What are HTTP and HTTPS? What are the differences between them?

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Access to information has become easier, especially as the use of the Internet becomes widespread. Accessing information easily is of course a benefit for humanity, but it also has certain disadvantages. Reaching easy information also means reaching dirty information. This means that you can easily access harmful content. At this point, not only information pollution but also system security can be threatened in terms of technology. Providing easy access to harmful websites can cause your computer to become infected or your information may be stolen. Many different methods are used to increase internet security. One of these methods used today is the difference between HTTP and https, which is the subject of our article. These two concepts are at the top of all the pages you will enter on the Internet, and a single letter in between tells us something in terms of security.

SSL Certificate

The main difference between HTTP and https is that one is certified and the other is uncertified. When you enter an internet page from your browser, your browser automatically filters the certificate of the web page. If filtering was successful, you will be directly linked to the website. If the filtering process fails, your browser will send you an alert. It will ask you if the website is not secure and whether you want to log in. Of course, this does not mean that all non-certified websites are insecure. The point to be noted here is that certified sites have previously been approved by the browser.

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What Should Be Done When Not Secured?

A website that you have visited frequently may not have the certificate. At this point, if you are sure of the website, you can safely continue your visit. But if you are visiting a website that is entered for the first time and is not known to be very popular or safe, it will be useful to do preliminary research at this point. With a little research on search engines, a rough idea can be obtained about whether this website is safe or not. At this point, the choice is up to you.

As you can notice, the popular and large sites have absolutely security certificates. The concept of security certification is an issue that has gained popularity over the past 5 years. The reason for this is, of course, the spread of internet pages with harmful content. For this reason, after looking at whether there is a security certificate while entering a foreign website, if there is no security certificate, the information of other users about the website is accessed through the search engine.

The user himself is always the most important factor for safe internet use. Because although an SSL certificate is an important factor for your security, there is always the possibility of issuing a false certificate.

What You Need to Know About SSL Certificate Setup?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a certificate that ensures the reliability of the data sent and received on websites by establishing an encrypted connection between the uk colocation and the user in the UK equivalent to the Secure Login Layer. When shopping from an e-commerce site to better understand its logic, in case the site is protected with an SSL certificate, all of your credit card information, membership information, or other private information will be encrypted. In this way, your information will be prevented from being transferred to third parties. What is an SSL Certificate to learn more about SSL certificates? Our blog post also says that the benefits of what you like in terms of SEO is the Importance of What is the SSL Certificate for SEO? You can learn from our blog titled. Now let’s take a look at the stages of purchasing and installing SSL certificates in different situations.

1-Can I buy a cheap ssl certificate uk from the email shop in a different company with my hosting package?

Of course, you can buy it. In this case, the first thing to be done is to request a CSR code from the company where you get the hosting service, and upload the code you have obtained from The email shop customer panel to the part that is separated from SSL Management> Pending SSL Services section as Load CSR Code. You can download the certificate afterward and provide transactions through the customer panel of the relevant company. Your site may still not appear as safe. All the links on your website before the certificate was HTTP. You need to change these links to https. We can say that HTTP is a safer version of the HTTP protocol. How to Redirect To HTTPS for This? You can get help from our blog post titled.The email shop is offering cheap email hosting service.

How can I install a Lifetime Free SSL in the Hosting Package I purchased from 2-The email shop?

Our hosting packages with Lifetime Free SSL are Unlimited Pro and Unlimited Xtreme in Web Hosting. Let’s take a look at a few steps you need to take.

Step 1: First of all, log in to our website at the email shop.com and press Hosting Management> Web Hosting Accounts on the customer panel homepage.

Step 2: We proceed by pressing the Cloud Panel button to the right of the relevant hosting package.

Step 3: After connecting to the Cloud Panel, we continue with the Hosting Management option.

Step 4: Finally, by clicking on the Website button to the right of the relevant web area, you can choose the domain name you want to set up SSL by pressing SSL / Static IP Request from the menu that opens, and perform your operation from the SSL enable section. The automatic installation will already take place since you have received the hosting service from the email shop. The installation will be completed in about 20-30 minutes. You may need to redirect as we said in Part 1.

3-My Hosting Package and My Domain Can I buy an SSL certificate from a different company in the email shop?

You can take it. In this case, if you are using the Linux platform in the hosting package you use in the email shop, you must provide cPanel and if you are using the Windows platform, you need to provide transactions via Plesk panel. If you are using cPanel, you can get the CSR code by following the steps in our blog posts called Creating CSR Code in cPanel, Plesk Panel Creating CSR, and SSL Installation if you use Plesk Panel. Then, you can use the CSR code you created on the customer panel of the relevant company.Buy personal email hosting services from the email shop.

 The e-mail address you enter when purchasing an SSL certificate over the email shop should be “admin @ your domain”. You can then confirm the activation message that will be sent to your e-mail address.Choose the best colocation hosting plan from the top web hosting providers.