Celebrate Your Happy Moments At Shirt-Room

Karaokes are a fun activity to do with your friends and colleagues. Karaoke rooms a perfect for celebrating your promotion or any happy occasion in your life. You can sing your favorite songs. The monitor will keep a tap on you, and by the end of your singing, it will let you know your score. It is a friendly competition with your companions, where you can laugh at each other song choice or sing together. It is indeed a perfect place to make memories. But karaoke rooms are for everyone. So the environment appropriate for teenagers may not be fun enough for adults. Hence, Shirt room (셔츠룸) is a place strictly made for adults’ enjoyment.

What are the services offered by shirt-room? 

It an exclusive karaoke service suitable for adults only. So, it would be best if you were a high school graduate or nineteen and above to enter the rooms. The goal of the shirt-room is to provide fitting enjoyment to grownups. The rooms are luxuriously designed, the couches are either leather or draped in velvet, and if you want, you can even customize the rooms. You can choose among the thirty girls they have to serve for you. If you want to celebrate birthdays, they will even customize your cake. Honestly, if you are thinking about throwing your buddy a surprise birthday, you should book a Shirt room (셔츠룸).

How is their service?

Their priority is to satisfy the customers. They have the perfect and humble staff that will serve you with respect and care. Their friendly behavior will make you comfortable, and they will not leave any opportunity for your complaint. If you end up with any issues, they will try their best to solve them as soon as possible. All these qualities make Shirt room (셔츠룸) a five-star providing service and a must-visit for you. Going there will make you come back for more.

How to do the booking?

The best way to do so is to contact them through their websites. Their customer support is available for twenty-four hours. So matter when you call or mail them, they will respond. Whichever shirt-room you pick for the celebration, you will find their contact details on their respective websites.

What is the price range?

The price range does vary, depending on how many people you are booking the room. The main unit is available before 9 p.m. for 120,000 won, but after 9 p.m., it is charged for 130,000 won. Other than that, the general reservation price for two people is 380,000 won for two people, 490,000 for three people, and 740,000 for four people. You can do the reservation directly on their site or call them. Another thing is you can even book a pickup for you and your friends.

Now you know about an amazing place to celebrate your promotion or birthdays. If none, then you can hang out with your friends in the shirt-room. You can laugh, eat delicious food, drink up and sing with your companions and have the best time of your lives.