CBD for Health and Wellness: Things to know about CBD

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD rates as the second most bio-active compound of cannabis.  It is an essential component of therapeutic marijuana and a product of the hemp plant.  Even though it is a proponent of marijuana, CBD does not cause a ‘high,’ a psychoactive influence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A study conducted by the World Health Organization points out that; the use of CBD for health does not cause addiction, nor does it elicit any maltreatment in people.

The legality of CBD:

The legalization of CBD is still in motion in some states of the US. However, several States have realistic ideation about cannabidiol. Due to the existing restrictions whereby many States view cannabis as marijuana, many people tend to get their product from online commercial hemp farms. Even though illegal, the jurisdiction on its permit heavily depends on whether the CBD is from ark hemp flower or weed. If the CBD is from marijuana, then it is illegal.  Due to its popularity, it has gained bipartisan opinions in which there is a dire need to legalize the phytocannabinoid.

Despite the diverse opinion on CBD, it warrants a myriad of health benefits. Let’s delve into what you stand to gain when you use CBD.

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1. Reduced Cancer Symptoms:

The best bio-active proponents of CBD to THC and their appropriate portions in disease counteraction and treatment get utilized in cancer treatments. In an experiment conducted on animals diagnosed with CBD, after various prompts with cancer causing-agents, the animals’ showcased resistance to grow colon cancer.  Deeper into the study, it indicated that THC counteracts cancer growths and diminishes them. The integration of the animal model of 1996 shows that THC shrinks the recurrence of both benign and hepatic adenoma tumors. In a 2015 therapeutic research conducted on 84,000 males who used CBD and no tobacco in California, the study indicated an underneath the standard bladder disease. Skin cancers can also be treated using topical CBD ointments.

2. Boosts Bone Immunity:

Cannabinoids are essential in bone metabolism. Here, the new bone material replaces the old bone at a rate of 10% yearly.  CBD stimulates the production of stable and sound bones by hindering the activity of bone-crushing catalysts. Hence, warding off age-related problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  Cannabidiol, initiates new bone cell rearrangement, a process vital for quick mending of broken bones. Also, this reduces the recurrence of bone-breaking tragedies.

3. Skin Protection:

The skin is known to have a significant number of CB2 receptors. These Cannabidiol receptors regulate sebum production in the sebaceous glands, hence an anti-inflammatory effect that prevents acne. Topical application of CBD mixed moisturizers, serum, and ointments has proven to fix a vast number of skin-related conditions such as psoriasis, acne and even improves the recovery time of damaged skin. Also, as an antioxidant, CBD is capable of protecting your skin from free radicals induced by UV-light and also ecological contaminants.

Reports from various trusted sources have revealed the vast use of cannabis and CBD oils in wound care and treatment of malignant skin growths. Topical applications of CBD and THC compounds give relief from melanoma and carcinoma skin diseases. A well- known example is Rick Simpson, recuperate of basal cell carcinoma with CBD oil.

4. Anti- Inflammatory Aspects:

CBD exhibits a therapeutic role in combating inflammation. It acts to immunosuppress autoimmune responses arising, especially from injuries, thus reducing the aggravation of the situation.  It does this by inducing an immunosuppressive effect to the foundational cells (microglia cells) liable for inflammation. By this, the condition remains maintained, hence no spread of infection and similarly no inflammation.

5. Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

Oral use of CBD to ease stress and unrest rates back in 2000 BCE. THC can aggravate the issue at hand in some patients while to others; it induces a calming down effect.  The extensive use of CBD to curb depression and reduce anxiety get showcased in medical trials for both humans and animals.  In a relatively high amount, CBD displays the ability to alleviate tension completely. The reduced anxiousness imparts the paralimbic and the limbic cerebrum of the brain. By this, the individual exhibits reduced unrest, especially social discomfort.  Clinical trials are, however, continuing.


CBD production has been on the rise, probing the government to conduct wild investigations on its clinical applications. For this reason, more research is vital for the government to accredit the use of cannabidiol fully. The research on its alleged potential in addressing a variety of conditions is ongoing. This will help uncover plenty of health issues the phytocannabinoid is able to address. It will be comforting to know that there is a remedy for conditions such as sleep disorders, hallucinations, heart conditions, skin cancer, and even tension. However, without enough proof of its capabilities, it is difficult to prove its authenticity or even pinpoint the perks you can derive from CBD clearly.