Casinos without Swedish license Norska Casino

A lot of restrictions and rules are imposed when it comes to a casino in Sweden. To overcome this, players usually lookup alternatives to play the games. To know more about norwegian casino (norska casino), read the article.

Norwegian Casino

Norska Casinos are devoid of their license. They obtain their license from Malta or Curacao. You should always know about the license of the Norwegian Casino before you decide to play games in that casino.

The type of license the Norwegian Casino has to determine your taxes and the amount of tax one needs to pay after winning a game in the casino. The Norwegian casinos offer a lot of games and offers. The reason for not having a Norska Casino license is the monopoly ruling the casino world.

The casinos that have a fixed target audience for the Norwegian games are known as Norwegian casinos. These casinos are differentiated based on the license which they have acquired from the Norwegian Government.

Sweden players have few registered casinos and so most of the players usually play casino games in Norwegian Casino.

Online Norwegian Casinos

The online Norska Casinos are popular as they provide the services easily which are difficult to find in few other casinos. They are the easy payment and withdrawal amount. They also provide a 24*7 support team on the website who helps the customers looking to register on the page.

As it is completely online, players can access the website at any time of the day and that too from any place of the world. A lot of the Sweden players invest their money in selected Norwegian Casino so that even if they win the games they have to pay back less amount of money.

The Norwegian Casinos are cheaper when compared to Sweden Casinos. Sweden Casinos are registered and have to pay a hefty amount of tax to the government yearly. In Norwegian Casinos, you are free to decide whi9ch casino you want to play in depending upon the tax.

Swedish Casino License

Swedish Casino License has a lot of safety norms that are to be followed by the Swedish casinos. The license is inspected upon by the inspector of gaming. Having a license offers you the right to promote the casinos and the games in it.

Without the license even though the casinos can function in full swing, they are not allowed to market casinos. The gaming companies invest huge amounts in the marketing of their products through these casinos. The companies look for registered casinos to promote. This proves as a disadvantage of not having a license to the casinos.

The license from MGA which most Norska Casino companies have is tax-free for a lifetime. The same is not the case with the other casino that doesn’t have a license or have one from Curacao.


Wrapping up the article, we have read about the main difference between Norska Casino and Sweden Casino, the license. We have read about the advantages and the disadvantages the license can have on the players.