Can credit 9 help you to debt loan?

credit 9

If you are having a problem of having credit card debt and now you are looking for a loan to resolve that then there are many Agencies available around the world who are giving the services to give you the loan with low-interest rates. There is a big agency name credit 9 that is sending the email to a different type of people and saying that you just need to have the interest rate of 5 %.

They are saying that when you will get the loan from them then the rate of the interest will help you out to resolve the debt which you have in your credit.  not only that this company is giving you the Loan for your credit card but also if you are looking for the loan for your student Education or the student debt.

Even though the company is having a good time for experience but according to the reviews of the people this company is not very good.  Around the world, there are many clients of the company who are saying that this company is lying.

 What the clients are saying?

According to the clients of this company they are saying that even though their email says that we need to have the interest rates of 5% but this is not true.  The truth is that you need to pay them 18 to 25 percent of the interest rate if you are getting the loan from them.  also if you are going to sign up in this agency and company then there are many things you need to know and there are many forms you need to fill before getting the loan.

The CEO of this agency is very rich because he has just bought the $17 million mansions on Venetian Islands in Florida. According to the clients even though the CEO of this company is having a good type of money but when they are sending the loan to different types of people then still they are liars people.

The clients are saying that when they got the email they saw that, it is a false Advertise. In the advertising, they are saying that you will resolve the problem of your credit card debt but credit 9 is lying.

Research before getting the loan

Some of the clients are given the review that this company is a scam.  They get the money from people and get rich but don’t have the good type of Rates like they are saying in their email.  Some of the clients are saying that they wanted the loan to resolve the problem of the debt but now they have more debt than they had in the past.

The clients are saying that before getting the loan you should talk to the people and the employees of the company and ask them the interest rates.  You should not think about the email and think that whatever they are saying in the email is right.

When you are going to talk to them then they will be able to tell you the interest rates which are true and also they will show you the papers on which they will produce you the rates without lying like in their email.