Break The Cycle


It is a little-known fact that raising a child who has ADHD can be quite a challenge at times, especially when your child is between the age of 6 to 10 years old. During those years, most parents are more likely to use phrases such as “he has a lot of energy,” “she is a bit tired, that is why she is acting out,” “he is just going through an odd phase right now” when they are asked about their children’s behavior by other family members or friends.

However, as time goes on and your kid grows older, the same can not be said when your child is expected to “mature” through the eyes of society. In this time of life, things can get very tricky and sometimes spiral out of control. Not because of your child’s behavior, but because of family members struggling or refusing to understand why your child is not acting the same as theirs or how your child is so different and unique.

Yes- unique. One vital thing that all parents should know and understand is that there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with your child. He is not abnormal, not seeking attention, not a freak, and not a failure.

 Your kid is special, talented, unique, and different in the most beautiful ways!

Destruction Of Society

More often than not, kids are silenced and pushed aside by some family members, especially everyone else in society who believes and lives by the awful saying “kids should be seen and not heard.” 

While most neurotypical (not having a developmental disorder) kids force themselves to adapt and accept how they are raised and disciplined, no questions asked. 

Kids with ADHD do not. 

What Is ADHD

Also known as, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

First, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Most online information will give thousands of different articles about what they think they know about ADHD, the symptoms, and treatment thereof.

When in fact, your child may not have the same symptoms or act like others, he might not react to medication the same way as other ADHD-treated children, and he might need a little more TLC.

Because of the preliminary information, most people and family members will not try to understand the condition and never accept that ADHD is genuine and present in your child’s life. 

For helpful information about kids with ADHD and how parents can help them, do yourself a favor and visit the ADHD Dude website. 

Ensure that you get the facts about ADHD, what it truly is, how it affects your child, and how professional medical experts can help them.

You will be surprised how life-changing it can be just by getting some real and honest advice.

How Words And Actions Can Impact a Child With ADHD

As an adult, the chances are good that you have most likely experienced the feeling of being rejected at least once in your life. But have you felt treated like an outcast, laughed at, patronized, and extensively misunderstood by friends and family members who claim to love you? – Family members who are supposed to help and guide you through life.

Whether you have or not, take a moment and try to imagine how you would feel. Do you feel your stomach and heart clenching with sadness and guilt? Do you feel the deep internal bottomless pit inside your soul as if your spirit is about to break?

Now, take those feelings and time it by 10. Only then will you maybe get an idea of how your brilliant and innocent child with a gift called ADHD feels.

The Lion and Lioness Protecting Their Cub

As a parent, it is your duty, privilege, and honor to stand up for your child, be his voice when forced to be silent, support him, and protect him at all costs.

There is no magical cure for ADHD; it is not a burden nor a curse. 

On the contrary, it is a wondrous and precious gift, only bestowed upon a few.

Your child needs your guidance, understanding, love, and attention. You need to decide what is best for your kid and your household, even if it means parting ways with people who refuse to accept and try to understand the glorious light that shines from within your child.