Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: How Can They Be Used Together?

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the newest emerging technologies that everyone seems to be talking about. While they both have different applications and developments, there have been many talks about how these two can be combined.

As these technologies affect and interact with data in different ways, integrating AI into blockchain and vice versa can bring about many beneficial applications. For example, integrating machine learning and AI into blockchain can improve the underlying architecture of blockchain and enhance the potential of AI.

Blockchain can help AI become more comprehensible and clearer, allowing the tracing of machine learning patterns. Blockchain can store all data and variables based on the decisions generated by machine learning.

Also, AI can increase blockchain efficacy, as it is more advanced than standard computing. Blockchains currently run on standard computers, and this takes a considerable amount of processing power for even the most basic tasks.

Combining the two technologies would enable users to share machine learning models among all parties without the need for a third-party. For example, facial recognition software, which uses AI, can upload the information from a device on the chain, allowing other devices to connect and identify the owner of the device. As the data is recorded on a ledger, facial recognition can be decentralized, and as such, no one company or entity has control over the data. Sharing machine learning without an intermediary can help people learn faster and work together more efficiently.

Blockchain and AI systems can be used to share data utilized across multiple models. Machine learning models can be implemented, for instance, to generate product recommendations in online retail. Different online stores can be connected through a blockchain and share the preference data of a shopper who has visited both sites.

This could allow smaller e-commerce sites to share with each other personalization data and compete against giants such as Amazon and Walmart that already have proprietary data collection systems that record client information.

Customers also benefit from supplying their information, as they can get more advantageous prices and more customized shopping experience. If all data and payment systems are kept on a blockchain, this could avert data breaches more efficiently than any centralized data server.

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