Blister Cards Market: An Overview

The Elementary part in the production of a blister card is pocket or cavity made from a formable web, generally made from thermoformed plastic. It has the support of the lidding seal of aluminum foil/plastic/paperboard typically. Clamshell is a product from blister cards; it could fold onto itself. The purpose of blister cards is to safeguard the products against external factors such as pollution, contamination, weather, and dust for a prolonged period.

Some blister cards such as Opaque blister protects light-sensitive products against Ultra-violet rays. Blister cards are part used in packaging that is pre-formed, especially in plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, food, and medical drugs and product packaging. Blister cards are commonly used for packaging goods like playing toys, hardware etc. Blister cards give additional life to the products with its advance protection as it has a high degree of tamper resistance. People are getting more concerned about their health and environment, and this is incidentally leading to the growth of demand for blister card for packaging market at a global level.

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Blister Cards Market: Dynamics

The global blister card packaging market focuses on the worldwide market due to rapid urbanization and industrialization in all the regions of the world.

It has resulted in governments and regulatory bodies to come up with stringent laws to secure medical products, and it has resulted in the growth for blister cards for packaging as it reduces the cost as well as it takes lesser time for packaging. But due to lack of awareness and high price of aluminum has been an obstruction in blister card market growth.

The demand for playing toys, consumer items, and pharmaceuticals have been increasing from past many decades across the global market; this would lead to increase in demand for blister cards for packaging purpose at the worldwide market. Pharmaceuticals companies are developing new and advance drugs as there is an increase in modern diseases to fight back with such viruses’ pharmaceuticals are bringing advanced medicines, which indeed raising the demand for blister cards. Regulatory bodies are taking stringent actions against companies dealing with counterfeited drugs.

The blister cards market is classified based on type into two categories i.e., clamshell and carded. The market share of the carded segment is the highest segment, due to its functionality to form diverse shapes, ease to handle, and prevention from damage. The demand for consumer durables food, beverages, pharmaceuticals that would support the progression of blister cards market in years ahead.

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Blister Cards Market: Segmentation

Globally, Blister Cards market segmented into many subsets.

By Material Type

  • Calendar Pack
  • Carded Pack
  • Clamshell

By Production Technique Type

  • Thermoforming
  • Cold Forming
  • Thermos-cold Complex Blistering


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