Biogas Market Segment Analysis, Trends Forecast 2027

Global Biogas Market: Overview

  • Biogas is a combination of various gases that are generated through anaerobic digestion, fermentation, or other processes. It is primarily generated using waste products from the agricultural industry, sewage or edible waste, plant and industrial waste, and municipal garbage collection. Biogas commonly holds valuable applications as a fuel source intended for space heating, powering vehicles, cooking, and heat and electricity production.
  • The popularity ratings of biogas among environment conscious consumers has soared over the years owing to it being a renewable source of energy with only a minor carbon footprint. The overall value and share of the global biogas market within renewable energies is forecast to increase significantly owing to improvements in production technologies as well as possibilities of newer generation techniques that would eventually enable the players to generate biogas at a more efficient level and on a broader regional scale. Currently however, the global biogas market suffers from the lack of sophisticated and efficient technologies and shows high potential for incorporating upgrades.
  • The global biogas market is scheduled to expand at a considerable CAGR of 6.62% in terms of volume, within a forecast period from 2019 to 2027. The biogas market recorded 28,989.86 kilo tons of oil equivalent (KTOE) in 2018, which is likely rise up to 51,581.99 KTOE by the end of 2027.
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Increase in demand for renewable energy to Drive Biogas Market

  • Currently, majority of power and heat generation across the globe is carried out by fossil based fuels such as coal, oil, and gas
  • Demand for alternate sources of energy, such as renewable sources, is increasing due to depleting crude oil reserves
  • Governments across the globe have started reducing dependency on fossil fuels by encouraging energy production from renewable sources
  • Strict environmental regulations and global climate change have led to the adoption of  clean and renewable source of energy
  • Biogas is an organic, clean, and renewable source of energy. Utilization of biogas assists in addressing global environmental concerns up to a certain extent
  • Increase in use of biogas and other renewable sources of energy would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • The European Union has set a target to increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy mix to 20% by 2020 and approximately 80% by 2050
  • Biogas is anticipated to hold a significant share in the total renewable energy consumption in Europe and North America from 2018 to 2027
  • Thus, increase in demand for renewable energy is predicted to drive the biogas market growth during forecast period.

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Recent Developments, Expansions, Acquisitions, and New Contracts

  • In November 2019, Macquarie Capital Principal Finance acquired the UK biogas producer BioCow. Biocow is a leading producer of biomethane from agricultural waste via anaerobic digestion. The acquisition would enable the company to enhance its presence in biogas market across the nation.
  • In August 2019, Bioenergy DevCo, a developer of anaerobic digestion facilities acquired BTS Biogas. The acquisition would enable Bioenergy DevCo to increase BTS Biogas’ technology footprint in North America, working closely with companies and municipalities to help them efficiently, cleanly and affordably dispose of organic waste while producing clean, renewable natural gas that can be used by utilities.
  • In July 2019, Nature Energy acquired Bånlev Biogas located at Trige west of Aarhus, Denmark. The plant will be Nature Energy’s tenth operational biogas plant. The acquisition of new plant would allow the company to enhance its presence in biogas market in Denmark.

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Europe to Dominate Global Biogas Market

  • Europe dominated the global biogas market in 2018. The biogas market growth can be attributed to the increasing greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and their hazardous impact on the environment. Governments across the globe and several environmentalists are encouraging the usage of biogas, as it is a cleaner fuel than petroleum fuels. Owing to these reasons, several biogas plants will be set up across the region in the coming years.
  •  In 2018, Germany had led the overall biogas market in Europe, thanks to the nation’s special interest in the large scale use of biogas and the consequent installation of a large number of now operational biogas plants. Countries such as Sweden, the U.K., and France are also adopting the biogas and other ecofriendly fuel sources swiftly to reduce their overall carbon emissions.
  • Meanwhile, Asia Pacific are likely to emerge as focal points for many key biogas market players over the coming years, due to the large amounts of agricultural waste and municipal waste generated. A key factor that may impede the biogas market growth in this region is the heavy initial investments required for the installation of large scale plants, as well as the complexities involved in waste segregation to separate potential biogas fuels from other waste products

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Global Biogas Market is Highly Competitive

  • The key players operating in the global biogas market are
    • Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies
    • Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l.
    • EnviTec Biogas AG
    • Wärtsilä Corporation
    • Swedish Biogas International AB
    • Gasrec Ltd.
    • Cryostar SAS
    • Biofrigas Sweden AB
    • Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB
    • Cryonorm BV,

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