Biden News: Joe Biden attends EU summit

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Biden News Conference Today reports, US President Joe Biden is also present at the video conference of the EU heads of state and government. It was said that “fundamental questions of foreign policy” were to be discussed with him.

US President Joe Biden will attend the video summit of EU leaders next Thursday. This was announced by EU Council President Charles Michel via Twitter and Biden News. “I have invited President Joe Biden of the United States to attend our meeting and share with us his vision of future cooperation. It is time to rebuild the transatlantic alliance,” wrote Michel.

The White House confirmed Joe Biden’s participation in a press release. It says that Joe Biden wants to speak to the heads of state and government about his desire to “revitalize the relationship between the US and the EU, take joint action against the pandemic and climate change and deepen the world’s largest trade and investment relationships.” They will also discuss common foreign policy interests, including China and Russia. Like the EU, the US has imposed sanctions on China for its human rights violations against the Uyghur minority.

Under Joe Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, the relationship between the US and the EU was recently tense. Biden News stated the trade relations between the two sides had deteriorated massively. Trump accused the EU of unfair competition and imposed punitive tariffs. Unlike his predecessor, Joe Biden is again emphasizing international cooperation and has returned to the Paris Climate Agreement, among other things.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is meanwhile in Brussels for talks. There, the NATO states are currently discussing how to deal with Russia. Specifically, it should be about the question of how the aggressive behaviour of the country can be stopped from the perspective of the alliance. Biden News stated examples of this are cyber attacks, the repression of the political opposition, and dealings with neighbouring states such as Ukraine. Blinken will also meet with EU Commission President von der Leyen and EU Foreign Affairs Representative Joseph Borrell on Wednesday.

Biden News Conference Today: During his visit to Europe, the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline should also be an issue. 

Blinken said he would address the project in his planned meeting with Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). President Joe Biden made it clear that the pipeline from Russia was a bad idea: “Bad for Europe, bad for the United States.” Nord Stream 2 is ultimately at odds with the US’s own security goals, according to Blinken. The pipeline has the potential to “undermine the interests of Ukraine, Poland and several other close partners or allies”.

The US warns of increasing Russian influence due to Germany’s dependence on Russian gas. It was also suggested at the Joe Biden News Conference Today that the project has also been controversial in the EU for a long time.