What services does The Email Shop offer?

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With the proposal of being a hosting service for small and medium-sized projects, such as institutional websites, blogs and e-commerce with less access volume, The Email Shop can guarantee a great selection of services.

From the most basic to the ones that stand out, see below the main ones that we separated for you to check out! best dedicated server hosting uk providers 2023.

Free domain

To start well, The Email Shop offers the free domain for the user’s website. As hiring a new service requires investments, especially if it is the beginning of a new project, having a domain without costs is very positive.

The service does not charge anything to register the site in the first year, requiring the amount only after the first 12 months of the contract.

24/7 support

The Email Shop also guarantees that its users have full support if they need to answer questions or even face technical problems.

The company’s support works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and access is very simple, through a chat.

The organization of tickets is simplified, which ensures that each demand is solved very quickly.

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Email is essential for any website, especially because it is still a very basic channel and sought by most people who use the web.

With The Email Shop’s most basic plan, you start with five email accounts available to use. The address, of course, takes the domain you registered, making the presentation more professional and more credible.

Free SSL

Security is an extremely important point and is seen in exactly this way by The Email Shop. Therefore, the personal email hosting service has included, free of charge, the cheap ssl certificate uk , which can be even more attractive if the use in question is for virtual stores.

Users tend to feel more secure when they see the lock icon in the address bar!

Wide page customization

In addition to being a hosting service, The Email Shop also offers tools for building websites, all very accessible and simple.

This creator works in an intuitive way, which helps even beginners to build complete websites, using ready-made templates offered and making the experience dynamic. The email shop is offering the cheapest email hosting service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using The Email Shop?

Well, you may have reached this part of the post still with doubts if Bluehost is worth it. So, let’s try to make your understanding even easier.

Next, check out a list of the main advantages and some disadvantages that the service has!


  • The most positive points about The Email Shop services that need to be highlighted are:
  • The average time of connection of the sites is 99.99%;
  • The Email Shop is among the top five page load times (398ms);
  • Prices are among the best on the market (the most basic plan starts at $ 2.75 / month);
  • The options for integrating with apps and e-commerce platforms are extensive;
  • The Email Shop is WordPress’s number one recommendation.


  • Even with so many positive points, it is worth paying attention to disadvantages, such as:
  • Plan renewal prices increase;
  • No plan has free migration and it costs the US $ 149.90;
  • Despite the good average uptime of the connection, there is no warranty in the contract.

How to create a website at The Email Shop?

Medium-sized websites, blogs and e-commerce are the best projects that can be hosted by The Email Shop.

The email shop is offering the mail365 service.

The service guarantees navigation quality, stability and user experience when the requirement is at that level.

If you are interested in The Email Shop services and want to create your website right now, here is an uncomplicated step by step!

Choose a plan

First, go to the Email Shop page to sign up for a plan. You need to find a hiring model that fits well with what you need to take care of your website.

There, you will find three options: basic, plus, choice plus and pro.

The Email Shop plans

Naturally, each of them has a service offer, which will define what the price will be paid monthly. Be sure to check in detail what the different plans offer. Thus, you will make a choice that meets all your needs.

Set your domain

With the plan in place, it’s time to choose your domain. Generally, the name of the company or even the blog will be chosen to be at the address of your web page.

However, do not forget that it is essential that this name is available, that is, it has not been used by anyone yet.

In addition to choosing your site name, the domain must also be defined between “.com” and “.net”, another decision that is up to you.

At this point, it is possible to test the names you prefer, checking the availability of each one before deciding on your final domain.

Registration and login

Now, it is the time when you start to inform your data to The Email Shop, making your choice of plan and domain. Some basic information will be requested to register, such as:



Company Name;

Contact details (phone and email).

These will be your Email Shop account registration details. You can change some of them at any time, such as the address. At first, it is essential to fill in all this information exactly, even for billing purposes.

Customize your package

As much as you have chosen a plan that has defined services and that form the charge price, it is still possible to insert some additional functionality.

Of course, many of them have an extra charge, with everything duly indicated when customizing your package.

You will see a list of boxes to be checked and, in each of them, there is the name of the service you can choose, the breakdown of what it will add and the value of each additional.

Among the selection options you will see:

Plan duration (12, 24 or 36 months);

Protection of domain privacy;

Backup pro;

SEO optimization:

Google apps.

Record payment

Everything defined? Then, it’s time to enter your billing details. In this case, it is your credit card information, the basic information necessary for The Email Shop to automatically issue a monthly charge for services.

Install the WordPress dashboard

With the contracted service, it’s time to install the WordPress dashboard. To do this, just log into the Email Shop page, select “hosting login” and enter your information, such as domain and password.

Once accessed, you will be at the Email Shop main panel. Then, you will need to locate the “cPanel” option and, after clicking on it, you will see the WordPress logo, which must be selected.

After that, just click “start” in the window that will appear and follow the next steps to install the WordPress dashboard, including your domain information, which will be requested. The steps are very intuitive and you will not find any more complex questions to complete the process.

Now that you understand the features of The Email Shop, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, evaluate your website, blog or e-commerce needs and decide on this hosting.