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Through a dedicated server at Cloud Pro, you get a secure hosting service. An effective way to create a secure IT infrastructure without heavy investments.

Dedicated server with the right performance

We deliver dedicated servers with the performance that your system requires along with the support of the absolute top class. Of course, you do not share your server with other customers and you can choose a level that suits your business. If you are not sure which solution is suitable for creating an IT infrastructure without interruption, our experienced operating technicians can guide you. Then you also get a price where you pay as needed.

Price where you pay as needed.

Avoid costly interruptions on business-critical systems.

High-quality support – 24/7 readinesses.

A dedicated server suits everything from application management to websites.

The Email Shop always keeps track of technological developments and always ensures that the equipment for your dedicated servers is equipped for the future. This reduces the risk of unnecessary costs and large investments at the wrong times.

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Dedicated server with monitoring and support

The Email Shop monitors all systems and Best dedicated server hosting uk, enabling us to act quickly in the event of an alarm. In this way, we avoid costly disruptions to business-critical systems. At the same time, The Email Shop has its own IT support and with an agreement, you have access and opportunity to register cases by phone, mail or our case management system. If you have a greater need, we offer an extended contingency agreement, which means on-call 24/7.

From heavy application operation to websites

Our dedicated servers and hosting services are suitable for a wide range of businesses and needs.

The Email Shop strives to be a safe point and a strategic partner to create business benefits for our customers. Then a customer-friendly approach is always the starting point in our delivery. We are experts in cloud solutions, whether public, local or private. Or when it comes to the actual hardware needed to access services and solutions.

Operating partner on site

You may already have an existing operating environment, but you do not have the resources to fully utilize your IT environment. Then The Email Shop can step in as a prestigious partner. Always with the starting point to find the best solutions that technology allows. It also means that we can guide you further through a proactive approach. Maybe the next step is a cloud solution, or moving the equipment into one of our data centers?

Does your site need a dedicated server?

One of the latest offers of hosting companies is to provide a dedicated server (of course, for a fee). As practice shows, clients do not always understand what hosting a dedicated server is and when exactly it is needed. We will try to present the information clearly and readily.

Hosting: a dedicated server in the lens!

Best dedicated server hosting uk is a service that provides computing power to host information on a server. Buying a hosting, you negotiate with the company the amount of memory provided to you, as well as the maximum load on the site. And all would be nothing, but do not forget:

When buying a place on the server, you share it with others.

The provider cannot guarantee 100% use of your volume – it is very difficult to calculate such things. In most cases, you get a little less.

The capacities provided to you will depend on your “neighbours”: if the load on the server is growing, then your computing power will decrease.

When infected with a virus or a hacker attack on the server, everyone whose data is placed there suffers.

Does the prospect not seem rosy? In this case, it is best to use cloud hosting on a dedicated server. This service is the most relevant opportunity to get serious computing power with maximum benefits:

When you purchase a dedicated server, you get the whole disk exclusively for your use.

Use 100% of space and 100% of the power.

You are guaranteed protection against viruses and hacker attacks: copies of the OS are usually hosted on other servers, so recovery will not take much time.

You configure the operation of the dedicated server “for yourself” using the received volume and capacity.