benefits of a live streaming app

Understanding Live Streaming

It is known as a professional broadcasting practice that usher audio and video or real-time happenings to all the viewers over the internet. Live streaming has become very widespread among netizens worldwide as it helps organizations and businesses engage and interact with their audiences on a significant level without any barricade of physical location.

Many businesses can opt for live video streaming app development services which prove effective with a wide range of contexts, consisting of virtual and product events, live announcements, service promotion, religious services, online classes, and wildlife broadcasting. 

Companies are able to interact with their customers and community partners effectively with the help that live streaming apps provide.

High-quality picture and streaming

When you stream something from your own server or free platform, it is tough to obtain high-quality streaming. You require a live streaming service with stern infrastructure and excellent CDN (content delivery network) to obtain high-quality on your app. CDN is a global delivery system that dispenses your content with the help of its own servers. If you stream something on your own, then there is a chance that you will clog your servers. 

When you are broadcasting live to the netizens, you want to ensure that your stream works appropriately and performs persistently well without facing any technical glitches from the viewers’ side. That is why it is pertinent to opt for a live streaming service with a reliable CDN in your app—for example, Ducats, which offers top-tier CDNs to their users worldwide. 

Better outreach to the audience

Generally, physical, and in-person events are constrained to the space available at the given venue. But with the live-streaming app, you can add on as many people as you want to attend your event. People want to participate in the event, but they cannot do so because of their busy schedule and the expenses it involves. Once you onboard team who knows how to develop a streaming app, you can start leveraging business opportunity that may turn fortunes. You can engage with anyone irrespective of their current location with just one-click. The only limitation that you will have while live streaming is the server’s capacity to stream the service you opt for. 

Multifaceted content use

Live streaming or broadcasting via the app is not constrained by the audio or video streaming services. Here, you will have the flexibility to use various multimedia forms, video content, including text, pictures, and live chat box. Many platforms offer different presentational methodologies as well. 

Customer service and support

It is very complex to troubleshoot technical problems emerging from the live streaming servers, especially when you have not gained any live streaming experience. But while using the live streaming app, you will have access to experts who can support you when any trouble arises. On the other hand, if you stream on your own, then the only support you will get is from either google or the information you are already familiar with about live streaming. A reliable live streaming app would offer you both of these things. 

Analytical trail

It is crucial to be able to trail the success of your live-streamed event with respect to user engagement and their behaviour. Some of the professional streaming services are equipped with such trailing tools and analytical dashboards to assist you in assessing the end result of your live event. With the flooding of live video streaming apps in the market, you can witness the relevant standards such as the total number of viewers, their engagement and behaviour. With the help of this data, you can figure out who your audience really is, and you can target them accordingly. 

No distraction while streaming

One of the crucial ruinations of cost-free streaming services such as YouTube is that video player is continuously flooded with the distractions that could dissuade viewers from the streaming platform. Irrelevant ads and third-party logos would hamper your focus on a live event. Most of the professional streaming apps provide ad-free streaming on their apps so that users can enjoy the live streaming without any disturbance. A platform such as Dacast offers white-label services, which enables users to customize the content according to their taste. 


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