Benefits of a 360 recruitment model

360 recruitment

As the recruitment industry adapts to the new environment and transforms its way of working, the 360 recruitment model could turn out to be very useful. Due to the challenging nature of these times, many recruiters will find themselves working in smaller teams or working alone. Many one-person companies are also slowly on the rise. Partnering with a  good recruitment software company facilitates the smooth functioning of this recruitment model.


So what is a 360 recruitment system?

This recruitment strategy basically has a single recruiter who leads the recruitment process from the start to the end. The recruiter will be in charge of writing the job advert, posting it on different job boards, selecting CVs, filtering candidates, and preparing them for the interview. They can exercise their own judgment over which candidates to select, the interviewing techniques, and can work at their own pace.


How is this 360 recruitment model beneficial now?

As remote working becomes the norm, recruiters will increasingly find themselves working alone and taking responsibility for all the tasks involved. Since they have control over the entire recruitment process, they are able to make quick decisions that paves way for a smoother work progression.

A single recruiter handling their application also gives confidence to the candidates. It builds a smooth and organized workflow for both recruiters and candidates. Due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the business, a single application is often worked on by different recruiters.

A good CRM solution is extremely valuable for recruiters here. One of the risks of this recruitment system is managing time to handle all the various responsibilities. However, a modern recruitment software partner who understands the needs of the busy recruiter can be just the answer to this problem.

What drives this model to thrive is having a good support system in place. As soon as the job advert is ready, it can be posted to several job sites through the recruitment CRM. Applications coming in via the various job boards can also be directed straight to the CRM after which the CVs can be parsed swiftly and potential candidates selected for the next stage. Having a single platform to perform these different tasks helps streamline the workflow.

More and more recruitment software solutions are geared towards cloud-based service. This is a suitable option for one-person businesses as they won’t need to worry about data storage. With their data stored safely in the cloud and regular software updates taken care of by their technology partner company, they can focus solely on their work. Cloud-based software service also enables them to conveniently work from wherever they choose to.

It is important for recruiters to explore several recruitment software providers instead of partnering with the first one they come across. A good technology partner should understand the nature of the company, the current problems faced by the recruiters, and the vision of business owners for their companies.

Quality recruitment software providers will have integrated functions like online skills testing and eligibility checks along with the usual CV parsing, social media integration, etc. These features help 360 recruitment consultants work better and smarter.