Beginners paint by numbers tips

Before you start to shop around for Paint by numbers for Adults, go through the following tips to ensure that you know what you should expect out there in the market:

Buy a kit that has frame

It is best that you work with a canvas which is framed to ensure that the canvas is able to stay tight when you work on it and you are not likely going to create creases on it. Most kits in the market have an option for a frame. If you buy the standard 40 by 50 cm painting, and they don’t have a frame option, you can purchase the frame separately

Keep the working area clean

It is important to cover the area that you plan to work using old newspapers to keep it very clean. The colors are not quite liquid and the risk of making the place dirty is not very high. Yet having a tidy and clean location will help in focusing on the work you are doing and avoid to be distracted by stains and splashes.

Start from the top

There is a need that you start from the top of your canvas for painting and then you continue downwards so that you avoid doing any smudging. If you happen to be a left-handed person, it is best to start to start from corner at the top right, while if you a right-handed person, you start from the top left one. In that way, the smudging risk will be quite minimal.

Start from the background

There is a need to concentrate on one color and dark colors are to be the first ones to work on. They are normally part of the background and will ensue that you come up with a background which will provide you with the general idea of the picture that you are about to paint. Once you finish the background, you need to go on with the smaller areas.

Ensure the brushes are clean

The brushes have to be cleaned whenever you switch from one color to the next.  The paint are known to dry very fast and will easily ruin your brushes if you don’t wash them immediately. You can decide to prepare a water bottle and a bowl for cleaning the brushes.  Using wet towels might be helpful to clean the brushes.

Pay some attention to the paints

You have to ensure to close the lid of the paint when you are not utilizing it, as it might dry very fast. If it happens that the paint dries, you can try to add water in order to restore the creamy texture.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

If you end up with the wrong color in paint numbers, you don’t have to worry about it. You can wait until the paint dries and then cover the surface using the correct color. The wrong color being underneath, you can try to cover it with other layers on the right one.