Ball Valves Market To Reap Excessive Revenues By 2027

Ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve which has a pivoting, perforated and hollow ball which can control flow through it. Even after long periods of use, it is durable, reliable, performs well and closes securely. For control applications, they make the best choice with such excellent qualities. Ball valves are of various types such as Full port, reduced port, V port, Cavity filler, Trunnion and Multiport. Ball Valves find application in air, gaseous, and liquid applications requiring bubble-tight services;
low-point drains and high-point vents in liquid, gaseous, and other fluid services;
instrument root valves; Cooling water and feed water systems; Steam service

Ball Valves Market: Drivers & Restraints

As the demand for industrialization is increasing in developing economies, so is the need for ball valves. This factor is estimated to drive the growth of Ball Valves Market. In the recent past, a concept known as Internet of Things (IoT) for customized products has emerged. This concept, making its way through the market has brought about an Industrial Revolution along with the concept of Industry 4.0. The emergence of IoT is likely to drive the Ball Valves Market. People are now more aware and concerned about their safety. This growing concern is one of the likely factors that may push the growth of Ball Valves Market. In the Middle East region, growing inclination towards the manufacturing industries may lead to growth in the Ball Valves Market. Trunnion mounted ball valves segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment and at a very high CAGR.

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In 2016, the energy and power application segment accounted for the biggest share of the global Ball Valves Market. Ball Valves are used in the power generation applications for controlling the flow of media, reducing or increasing the flow, relieving a pipe system from certain pressure. As the investments in the power generation segment are increasing, Ball Valves Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period

Ball Valves Market: Regional Outlook

APEJ region is estimated to account for the largest share of the Ball Valves Market during the forecast period, owing to its huge population and its rising electricity demand, government pressure for power reliability and excellent product quality; APEJ  is expected to show growth trends at a very high CAGR, in the forecast period.

As the population is increasing, demand for electricity is also increasing. So, the Asian countries are gradually turning to coal to fulfill their electricity demands.

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Ball Valves Market: Key Players

Some of the major players of the Ball Valves Market are:-

  • Emerson Electric (US)
  • Astech Valve Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Cameron International Corporation(US)
  • Dwyer Instruments Inc. (US)
  • Flowserve Corporation (US)
  • Flomatic Corporation (US)
  • MRC Global Inc. (US)
  • Swagelok Company(US)
  • Weir Group PLC(UK)
  • Forum Energy Technology (US)
  • Crane Company (US)

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