Baby Care Packaging Market 2024 Rising Concerns Regarding Baby Hygiene to Boost Market

The baby care packaging market is observing an upward trend over the years and is expected to observe the same during the forecast period 2019-2027. Baby care packaging is mostly used for baby products. Plastic is the most common material used for baby packaging. The packaging greatly enhances the products and makes it more appealing to an individual. Innovative packaging designs, as well as growing awareness about baby care product benefits, are leading to an increase in the growth graph of the baby care packaging market.

  • Good access to information about hygiene and the health of the baby is rising considerably. This is because of rapid urbanization and migration from rural areas to urban areas. Therefore, this can prove to be a great growth accelerator for the baby care packaging market. Premium baby products are also gaining traction on a large scale.
  • A surge in government initiatives to curb plastic pollution as well as initiatives has led to switching toward biodegradable packaging. This has influenced the baby care packaging market to a great extent. As baby care comprises of sensitive products, individuals prefer products with sustainable packaging to avoid harmful chemicals. In addition, the demand for transparent packaging is constantly increasing. This is to enable individuals to check the quality of the product inside. This helps in quick convincing and eventually, the product with transparent packaging is sold quickly. As a result, massive demand for transparent packaging may boost the growth rate of the baby care packaging market.
  • Smart packaging solutions are also one of the prominent goals manufacturers are focusing on. Manufacturers are focusing on introducing novel packaging solutions for increasing sales of baby skincare products. Manufacturers are trying to use different materials for developing baby care packaging due to the inclination of consumers towards smart and innovative packaging.

Evolving Consumer Preferences Incline toward Adoption of Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

In the current scenario, the baby care packaging market is booming, as increasing number of brands are taking significant efforts to improve their designs and packaging quality. Brands operating in the baby care packaging market are expected to develop ties with their customers to stay relevant in the highly competitive baby care packaging market landscape. With environmental concerns impacting the packaging industry, baby care packaging companies are opting for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Consumer trends indicate a strong demand for environmental packaging solutions and thus, a significant rise in the number of research activities can be observed. Due to the growing focus on innovative packaging designs, rising awareness regarding the benefits of baby care products, and innovations in the packaging space, the baby care packaging market is expected to reach a market value of ~US$ 3.5 Bn by 2027.

Advancements in biotechnology, development of sustainable skin care baby products, and availability of a range of flexible packaging solutions are some of the factors that are likely to drive the baby care packaging market in the near future.

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Companies Strive to Improve Customer Engagement with Innovative Designs

Some of the established companies in the baby care packaging market landscape are focusing on improving their designs and using an appealing range of colors to gain customer attention. Furthermore, several brands are likely to use their packaging solutions as an important tool to engage with their consumers. Companies are also likely to align their packaging operations with the demographics of parents.

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For instance, Evorie, rebranded from IvoryBaby, revealed that the company is set to introduce new packaging solutions to attract the young generation of mothers. Apart from finding a connection with previous design iterations, new packaging designs are expected to engage with young parents. Additionally, sensing the growing demand for high-quality products developed from safe materials, the brand aims to use its new packaging designs to communicate with consumers. Several brands are focusing on revamping their existing packaging solutions to improve customer engagement.

High Demand for Convenient and Portable Pouches

Consumer preferences play an important role in setting the tone for new trends within the baby care packaging market. Modern-day consumers demand a high degree of convenience, and buy products that are easy-to-use and portable. In the current scenario, bags and pouches have gained significant popularity, owing to convenience, optimum shelf stability, and most importantly, portability. Parents are highly in favor of purchasing packaging solutions that are easy-to-carry and thus, the pouches packaging segment is anticipated to account for ~57% share of the baby care packaging market in 2019. The segment is likely to retain its lead during the forecast period (2019-2027). Prominent players in the current market landscape are increasingly inclined toward introducing innovative packaging features to cater to on-the-go requirements. For instance, the refillable pouch design developed by Huggies Natural wet wipes in the U.S. and Canada offers convenience.

Companies Likely to Focus on Redesigning Packaging for Safe e-Commerce Shipments

The e-Commerce sector has witnessed a paramount growth in the past decade. The growing popularity of the e-Commerce sector is likely to present companies operating in the baby care packaging market with a range of opportunities. Several companies are tweaking their current packaging solutions to enable safe e-Commerce shipments. Companies are focusing on redesigning their packaging solutions to address issues pertaining to e-Commerce shipping. Apart from focusing on structural improvements to prevent product leakage, companies are also investing in research to identify the most suitable packaging material. For instance, to address the burdening problem of leakages from baby fabric softeners, The Honest Co., designed a new packaging solution wherein a polypropylene closure, in conjunction with polyethylene foam liner was used to reduce the assembly gap. Despite concerns over its use, plastic continues to remain the most preferred material for baby care packaging, with the plastic material segment estimated to account for a share of over 75% of the baby care packaging market during the forecast period.

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