Electromagnetic interference is the process by which electromagnetic energy is transferred from one electronic device to another via radiation wave or conducting path. In an automotive electronics system, electromagnetic interference can destructively affect the performance of an integrated circuit internally, as well as that of other electronic components in close proximity. Furthermore, the electromagnetic interference issue involves external transmitters such as mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless chargers, GPS navigation, and commercial broadcast signals.

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The electromagnetic interface of these external devices is likely to interfere with the automotive electronic system when the vehicle is in close proximity to the transmitting antenna. In short, the new automotive electromagnetic interface is a very complex one involving many internal and external factors. Automotive electromagnetic interface shielding is employed to minimize the emission of electromagnetic waves or radiation inside the vehicle. The devices may still emit the radiation, however, good shielding can capture the electromagnetic waves and send them to the ground, before they escape from the system.

The global automotive electromagnetic interference market can be segmented based on material, shielding type, equipment type, vehicle and region. In terms of material, the automotive electromagnetic interface market can be segmented into aluminum, brass, nickel, silver, stainless steel, carbon/graphite composite, and metalized plastics. The metalized plastic market is increase rapidly in emerging market. The metalized plastic captures all the electromagnetic radiation and sends it to the ground.

It is inexpensive and appears esthetically better than other materials used in electromagnetic interference In terms of shied type, the automotive electromagnetic interface market can be segmented into electromagnetic interface shielding tape, conducting coating, conducting polymer, filter, and metal shielding. In terms of equipment, the automotive electromagnetic interference market can be segmented into EMI test receiver, signal generator, amplifier, spectrum analysis, and ESD generator. The amplifier segment is increases in the forecast year, due to the rise in production of automobile vehicles in the global market.

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The amplifier are used to reduce the noise in the system were the most of the vehicle are used electronic system. Rise in the production of vehicles is estimated to increase the amplifier market in the forecast year. In terms of vehicle the automotive electromagnetic interference market can be segmented into passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, and electrical vehicles. The government support to green vehicles is anticipated to increase in the electrical vehicles. In electrical vehicles, the electromagnetic radiation is very high, and EMI shielding is used in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation. In commercial vehicles, external devices are frequently used, such as mobile phones, navigation, wireless charging, and music player. Electromagnetic radiation from the external device is likely to transfer to the internal device of the vehicle and the electromagnetic interference is employed to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

In terms of region, the automotive electromagnetic interference market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Asia Pacific is a prominent market for the automobile sector, where India, Japan, and China play a major role due to the increase in production of vehicles. Moreover, the rise in demand for upgraded technology features such as music system, wireless charging, road navigation, and wireless mobile connection is projected to propel the automobile electromagnetic interface market during the forecast period. Europe is the second largest market for automobile manufacturing, will increase the electromagnetic interference market during the forecast period.

Key players operating in the automotive electromagnetic interface market include Parker Chomerics, LAIRD PLC, PPG Industries (UK) Limited, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, and RTP Company.