As part of an international airline crew, I spend a lot of time looking into the deep blue yonder with bright sunshine somewhere in the sky. Some of my colleagues go for standard sunglasses to protect their eyes whilst on the job, but I find them too dark to work with – as my job requires me to do some pretty detailed focusing on a regular basis, ensuring that our course and altitude are on track. I tried looking for pilot glasses online for a long time without success, until I came across a company called Method Seven.

They Were the First to Cater to Me

When you’re looking online for a product like pilot glasses. You presented with dozens and dozens of websites offering.  What very similar-looking products. The problems I encountered before I found Method Seven were numerous, as believe me when I say that not all pilot glasses are created equally.

I bought a pair or two thinking that I’d got what I wanted, only to find that they were no different to regular sunglasses and that they were merely pilot-style glasses. So, I looked pretty good walking to the plane.

Another type I bought from another company seemed like I’d finally found a product that would meet my specific needs. They appeared to do the job, but within a week, they started falling apart and eventually gave up the ghost about ten days after that.

I don’t mind telling you that I was close to giving up and just settling for the fact. That I needed to squint sometimes whilst I working. Then, as I say, I came across Method Seven.

An Amazing Range & They Understood What Was Needed

What I was met with on their website was a large selection of pilot glasses, but not just any old pilot glasses. These were lightweight, shatterproof and made with people like me in mind. It didn’t take me long to decide upon a pair of Altitude Wrap FLT Sunglasses, which I chose because of the all-around protection that they provided.

I ordered them, got them through the post and the immediate I put them on – I loved them. The clincher though was that I could wear these stylish Method Seven pilot glasses and in direct sunlight without losing my ability to see clearly. I’d tried aviator glasses before, but these were just the ticket.

Customer Service to Shout About

The reason why I was able to choose the right pilot glasses. So quickly due in no small part to the advice I given by their customer service team. The guy I spoke to really knew his stuff and he took the time to ask me about why. I needed them and where I was likely to use them.

The guy could have just fobbed me off with the most expensive pair. But what I got was an informed recommendation with an explanation as to why this was the best choice.

Try Out Method Seven Yourself and You’ll See

So, this is the testimony of one happy customer. I’m not the sort of person to sit down and write a blog like this one without good reason. On this occasion, I felt compelled to.

My job as an aviator is that much more comfortable now thanks to the product . That they provided me with. What’s for sure is that they’re now my go-to company for all my eye wear – be at work or otherwise.

The sales and aftercare I got throughout the process was second to none and. I think that counts for a lot. You don’t have to take my word for it though, just try them out for yourself. I think you’ll see straight away what I mean, from the products they provide to the support they offer.


They certainly get my vote.