When most people are asked about what their intention of betting on soccer is, they will quickly say that it is to make money. Well that is too obvious. However, if you rephrase the question to, what is the best way of making money betting on soccer? Again, most people will be tempted to say that it is to win more wagers and making money on the odds. That answer is still wrong because that is the approach that most people take and they end up failing a lot in betting.

If you intend to make money betting on soccer in the long term, your main focus should not be on winning as many wagers as you can because you will probably not make it in this game. Your main focus when you are betting should be to assess the events you want to bet on to ensure that you understand as much as possible about them before betting. You should conduct enough research about teams and matches so that you make the right choice regarding the possible outcome.

Betting is a very simple activity, all you need to do is to determine how likely a certain activity is to happen and then place a wager on that activity based on the odds. Let us look at some of the factors that affect soccer games below.


Current form

If you want to try and determine how a certain team is going to perform in a given match, you need to look at its current form. This is a very important indicator and if you get it right, then you can also make the correct prediction. The current form tells you how a certain team is performing at a given point in time without looking at the past or future performances.

You can use a few different way to learn about the current form of a team, including using sports news websites. There are websites that publish latest ball table (ตาราง บอล), latest league tables, and recent form of various teams in various leagues.

The quality of opponents faced

When you are evaluating a team, the current form isn’t enough to make a conclusive decision about how strong it is. You need to go a step further and look into the team’s recent opponents. a team may be in good form at the moment with eight wins out of eight matches, but that could be as a result of playing against very weak teams. Thus, it was easy to take the wins. In a situation like this, the team’s current form doesn’t mean much. Similarly, a team may be in bad current form, but they have recently lost all their matches because they played against very tough opponents. In that case, the current form might not mean much either. You should consider the quality of the opponents a team has gone against in the recent past and how they fared.

Win/loss ratio

You also need to consider how many games the team has lost against how many they have won. A team that has lost a lot of its matches may not be that strong. So, you should look into its losses and the opponents together.


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