ASIA Cup Moved To 2022 Due To Covid-19? Will IPL 2022 Take Place And News About Other Matches

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of us. However, we are slowly recovering and trying to get back to a normal schedule and a normal life back again.

As we saw live cricket making a return after around 4 months of absence with England VS West Indies can we see more matches in the upcoming year and will we see ASIA Cup this year? Let’s find out

 ASIA Cup Moved to 2022?

ASIA Cup was supposed to take place in September 2022 in Pakistan however after the unofficial announcement from Sourav Ganguly on Thursday that the Asia Cup 2022 be postponed since it was not possible to conduct the event in a responsible manner which is the priority of ACC and BCCI. The next day an official statement was released by ACC and it said, “From the onset, the Board was keen on organizing the tournament as per the original schedule.

However, travel restrictions, country-specific quarantine requirements, fundamental health risks, and social distancing mandates have posed as substantial challenges to the holding of the Asia Cup. Above all, the risks related to the health and safety of participating players, support staff, commercial partners, fans, and the cricketing community were deemed to be significant.”

The location for ASIA Cup 2022 is will be in Sri Lanka and Pakistan will host the ASIA Cup 2022 as India declined to tour Pakistan.

ASIA Cup Moved To 2022 Due To Covid-19? Will IPL 2022 Take Place And News About Other Matches

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Changes In Other Tournaments? Will We See IPL This Year?

It seems like we will see more matches this year as there have been plans Australia is likely to go on a tour of England in September also the current series going on between England and West Indies it looks we will more live cricket watch soon.

Things are looking good for IPL as well there have been talks to host the IPL this year around the end. We also saw Cricket Australia tell its players to plan on playing the IPL after the series with England in September. Sri Lanka and UAE have also offered to host the IPL this year if it isn’t possible to host it in India. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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