Recover PST Deleted Items in Microsoft Outlook

recover pst deleted items

Outlook PST files are mainly used to store messages, appointments, calendars and more in Microsoft’s Outlook email client. Accidental deletion of email items is a common problem for many Outlook users. If you look at any storage facility, you will find the security mechanism for deleted items (such as the Recycle Bin of the MS Windows operating system). But what about permanently deleted files? Well, the fact is that permanently deleted files are not completely deleted from the system until they are overwritten (due to insufficient disk space). The storage location of these files is marked only as free space. So it is possible to recover PST deleted items.

Typically, when emails are deleted from Outlook, they typically remain in the Trash folder. This is called gradual deletion and you can quickly recover or move these files by dragging them to their original location. However, there may be doubts when using “Shift + Del” for deletion. So an element that is permanently deleted is called “permanent deletion”.

How Can You Recover PST Deleted Items Easily?

By using one of the following defined methods:

Method 1: Involving the Deleted Items folder

You can recover deleted emails that are still in the Deleted Items folder.

Follow step by step for successful restoration of data items:

  1. Start MS Outlook and click on the Deleted Items folder.
  2. Select the message you want to move and finally select the folder you want to move to.
  3. If you have deleted some emails from the Trash folder, you can also recover those emails. Click the Restore recently deleted items from this folder link.
  4. Now select the messages you want to recover and click OK.
  5. Now check the Deleted Items folder. These items will be restored to that folder. You can reposition the element in the desired position.

Likewise, you can also try recovering contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. From the Outlook “Recoverable Items” folder.

Method 2: Involving the Backup and Restore

If there is a backup, you can quickly restore these permanently deleted Outlook items.

  1. Go to “Control Panel” and look for the backup, then click “Restore my files“.
  2. Now, click Browse files or Browse folders to select a previously created backup.
  3. Save the file at the preferred location.

Method 3: Involving an Automated Solution

The most effective way to recover deleted emails is PCVITA PST Repair, which is a proud mention in every file recovery list. It recovers Outlook PST file data like no other application and is a profound tool to restore deleted PST items. It identifies and retrieves everything from emails, attachments to notes and journals.

Steps to recover PST deleted items in Microsoft Outlook

i. Run the software on your Windows system and click on the Add File option to get started.

ii. Now, either select the PST file from which the emails were deleted or search for it on the computer. First you can go with the Quick mode but if some items are still missing in the preview panel, go back and select the Advance Scan mode.

iii. Once the files are added, the software starts the scanning process. If the PST file is large, save the scan result so you do not need to rescan the file in future.

iv. The tool now previews all the data items including the deleted items highlighted in red color. Next, just click on the Export button from the menu bar.

v. Click on the PST option to export the recovered deleted items in PST format and then, hit the Adv. Settings button.

vi. Apply optional settings such as splitting of PST file, date filters and especially the category of data that you wish to export. Save the changes, if any.

vii. Now, browse the location to save the PST file and click on the Export button to recover PST deleted items to the set location.

viii. Finally, import the PST file back into your Outlook email client and access all the recovered data items easily.

In short, if you’ve accidentally lost or deleted your email, make sure not to compress the PST file or avoid saving new data, as this may overwrite it. Recovery of deleted email should be a top priority. The method to recover PST deleted items in Outlook is very simple. You can make use of the given manual methods to achieve this goal. Alternatively, Outlook PST Repair can be used to restore deleted items without any hiccups.