Asaf Zanzuri | CEO – Balam Security

The next generation Aerostar – a tactical unmanned aerial vehicle has recently been supplied to the Mexican government. The deal between Aerostar and the Mexican government has been acquired through a security trading firm. The security firm operates in Latin America and goes by the name Balam Security ( Balam Seguridad Privada S.A. de C.V.)

They have previously made their services available to many other governments of countries such as Columbia, Chilean police, national police of Peru, 15 security services, militaries and intelligence bodies across the globe and have recently added to their clientele the Mexican government as well with the new TUAS deal. 

The deal of Aerostar with Mexico has not been disclosed in full detail yet although the purchase has been estimated to be around $15 million. The procurement of the TUAV  comes in combination with numerous other services from the firm such as exhaustive and all-round assistance with the systems to be put in place for functionality, their operation as well as means to accumulate data, information security along with the training of operating crew and technical staff that will be looking after day to day running of the systems, as told by the CEO of Balam Security, Asaf Israeli Zanzuri. He also added that Balam security’s support crew will keep assisting the customer and their myriad of operational needs that might come up in the future.

The Balam Security CEO Asas Israeli Zanzuri said, while speaking about the deal, “The AerostarUnammned aerial vehicle will allow the Mexican government to gather intelligence with the help of the high-end systems in place and benefit from the real-time target access and surveillance capabilities while integrating with the client’s current systems.”

Aerostar (TUAS) is produced by a company called Aeronautics that is based in the City of Yavneh in Israel. In the past, they have also supplied their Dominator XP UAV through Balam Security. The company, apart from the TUAV, also has a variety of services such as advanced intelligence-gathering tools, modern digital communications aptitudes, a ground control station, and apart from that, an interface with the customer’s command and control system. “The Aerostar Unmanned Aerial System’s entry to operational service with the Mexican government is an important stepping stone for Balam Security, and very important development as the deal has been signed will lead to many more avenues for the trading firm,” said Balam Security CEO Asaf Israeli Zanzuri. He added that the implementation of up to date cybersecurity systems and data gathering is what sets the project apart from the other they’ve been involved with hitherto.

Asaf Israeli Zanzuri is a proficient and skillful professional in various realms. His experience in international business is varied in the field of homeland security, surveillance, and well-known UAV setups. He has a lot of expertise in giving birth to and developing advanced, top-notch field communication apparatuses. In the past 10 years that he has specialized in homeland security projects, Asaf Israeli Zanzuri has, in his long career, taken up charge in extremely demanding environments and excelled in the roles of an administrator as well as a very able leader.

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Asaf Zanzuri | CEO – Balam Security

Description:- An accomplished multi-skilled executive with extensive and diverse international experience in homeland security industry, cybersecurity systems, surveillance and recognize UAV systems.Track record business development and sales particular in the global market.Developing and producing high-end field communication technology.Specialized in Home Land Security projects, Military technology and Defense systems.Over 10 years of experience and continuous creative activity, performing a verity of management and leadership roles in demanding and challenging environment.