Are you using too many WordPress Plugins?

With WordPress, it is possible to power websites with WordPress plugins for WordPress for personal blogs and small ventures in eCommerce to the sites which have large corporations such as the New York Times and Sony Music. It is largely because of the power of plugins. The users can be able to choose from over 50000 premium and free plugins to add an array of features that are useful to any WordPress that is self-hosted site but it doesn’t mean that when you have more doesn’t mean that it is better.

The use of the WordPress plugins can be an enhancement which is great for the overall functionality of your website, but it can as well as cause more harm than good if utilized correctly. If you happen to create your WordPress website, you could be wondering the number of plugins which are too many. Generally, the rule is that, it is necessary to know that various WordPress plugins can be able to slow down your site, creating issues with compatibility and security, and thus, the need of keeping the site running securely and smoothly, you will require to make your collection of plugin as manageable and lean as possible.



Why your site requires some plugins

The core of the WordPress code provides a framework that creates a website that is vanilla in nature which has basic features that are essential. You will be required to have services for webhosting to be able to get your site up and to run. It is a basic setup which might probably not have all functions that you require in making your site to work, but it is possible to add the functions using the WordPress plugins.

The small packages of the code might be able to make it possible in extending the functionality of the WordPress into the various niches, creating millions of websites which are known to be unique. The WordPress plugins are constructed in such a way that they integrate with a specific type of function in the framework of your site like managing a list of mailing, block spam, add social media buttons, or add a shopping cart for eCommerce. Plugins, are known to be installed from the official directory of the WordPress plugin, or from a third party of the plugin developers from across the world. Most of them are free while you will get others in packages which are premium, providing extra support and features.

There are some plugins which are known to be quite important for the entire WordPress site, whether you are out setting up an online store, running a company website or creating a portfolio, your site will likely require that you have a set of plugins, for search engine optimization, site security, and being able to block spam.

Other plugins which are useful for a majority of the sites include social media sharing, mail management, and optimization of the images for a loading which is faster. Apart from these basics, the site for WordPress runners might choose from various options of plugin in providing whatever function that is imaginable but it is necessary to stick to the ones which your site requires so that you experience a smooth functioning.