Are you Skeptical About AngularJS SEO? This Advantages and disadvantages of Angular.JS worth Reading

This Advantages and disadvantages of Angular.JS worth Reading

Will Google crawl the website’s pages the way we want, or not? When designing a website with interactive pages, this query emerges.

Normally we wonder if AngularJS is SEO friendly. So I’m here to make all your questions about it clear.

In the past, some sites with java scripts were not adequately crawled by Google. In 2014, Google made an update and declared that JavaScript is now crawling in an efficient way.

Developers do not need to build any custom template for rendering HTML pages after that. Other search engines and crawlers, however, are unable to specifically monitor the content.

AngularJS and Node.js are the most common JavaScript frameworks, but for web application creation and industry, it is difficult to decide which one to select. Sometimes, know the Angular vs Angular 2 gap and figure out what’s new in Angular 4.

In addition, you would definitely be using Angular JS whether you are thinking about building a smartphone app, a single page app or even an internal structure. I would like to let you know before going forward that Google does not make or index AngularJS pages properly and even how it indexes JS sites.

How Does Google Indexes JavaScript Sites?

  1. Do not escape from Googlebot
  2. Apply attribute rel=canonical
  3. On new pages, stop the AJAX-Crawling scheme if possible.
  4. “In URLs, stop using “#” (outside of “#!”).
  5. To verify how Googlebot views the pages, use the Search Console’s Fetch and Render feature.
  6. Make sure that the necessary tools are not blocked by robots.txt (including JavaScript files/frameworks, server responses, 3rd-party APIs, etc.)
  7. Use a small range of embedded tools to make your website, including the number of JavaScript files and server responses needed.
  8. Google encourages the use of JavaScript to include Meta tags, organized data, and other Meta data for names, descriptions & robots.
  9. Finally, remember that JavaScript may not be supported at all by other search engines and web services viewing your content, or might support a particular subset.

However it is time to discuss whether AngularJS is Pleasant for SEO and friendly or not. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of it, too.

  1. AngularJS has been developed and managed by Google engineers who are optimistic about it. This suggests that there is a large community out there to collect data for you.
  2. Apart from that, there are developers who can help you cope with any problems.
  3. It is quick to follow AngularJS development and to launch one on the off chance that you have basic knowledge of HTML as of now.
  4. New details that you apply to the AngularJS-built framework is quickly modified, so users of the software can get new updates pretty fast.
  5. It has expanded functionality including filtering, injection of dependence, and orchestration of views, animations and many more.

It is also an extremely troublesome platform that does not deliver unique SEO strengths, even though it has many advantages. Here are few disadvantages that experienced developers of Angular can handle:

  1. It is difficult to merge them together while using other JS integrations.
  2. Angular is mostly up-to-date, so it can only be found on browsers that have been upgraded.
  3. Angular software testing, as per developers, takes a lot more time than most.

AngularJS and Node.js are also the most common JavaScript frameworks, but for web application creation and industry, it is difficult to decide which one to select. If you are thinking about using AngularJS to build a web app, then first you need to know whether AngularJS is SEO compatible or not.

Bring Down the Curtain

Angular is the latest technique that is favored but not quite close to being a magic bullet for the production of single page applications. However, if you equate others, you could say it’s better off and easier. Therefore, if you are going to work on a project that is beyond the (medium scale, high complexity) threshold, you will have to brace for a challenging task. So you have to have a team with high skills to lead at all times.