Laser dentistry is an effective and convenient method which employs light and heat to perform a multitude of dental procedures in the comfort of your own home. In addition, laser dentistry in Noida provides near-complete relief from pain, swelling, and decay for many patients. What’s more, laser dentistry can perform these procedures with little or no delay! Laser technology has made it possible to perform this procedure with the push of a button…and without much discomfort for the patient. Plus, laser dentistry offers much faster treatment times than traditional dentistry, such as sedation dentistry. Laser dentists can perform the following procedures using lasers:

Teeth whitening

Although this is not considered a common dental procedure today, many individuals cannot resist a good white smile. Because of this, many dentists use whitening lasers to improve the whiteness of their patients’ teeth. These types of lasers are used to kill off leftover stains on the teeth’s surface, and they can even help remove dark patches that may have occurred during childhood or other circumstances. Using high-energy lasers, dentists can quickly and effectively brighten a person’s smile.

Treat cavities: Because there are many different causes of tooth decay, sometimes the cause is unknown. Fortunately, laser dentistry can help treat cavities, as well. Although this process is commonly called “dental restorations,” this technique is very different from traditional restorations. Rather than using force to treat cavities, laser treatment helps to soften the affected area using pulsed light and heat.

Credentialed practitioners utilize many different techniques when performing laser dentistry. In fact, a dentist may be able to treat a patient without even seeing him or her. For example, some dentists may use a computerized CT scanning machine to create a 3D image of a patient’s mouth. Once this is done, the dentist can then begin to treat the problem areas. If the decay is located deep in the tooth’s root, the dentist can remove the tooth and repair the damage at another location.

Enhanced light amplification: In this technique, a bright light is emitted from the laser device and then travels down the length of the root. As it travels, this light generates a heat wave that starts off at the front of the root and then travels down the root and bone. This heat wave literally stimulates the bone and enamel at the root to produce new tooth enamel. While this does not actually “cure” the tooth, it certainly improves the overall appearance of the tooth.

The lasers used for laser dentistry work by using a combination of light energy, stimulated emission of electrons and targeted ultrasound. The emitted light energy heats up and expands the gums. This expands the area as it shrinks the area. The teeth’s surface also becomes smooth and shiny. In the long run, these treatments can dramatically improve a person’s looks and self-esteem.

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