Are Stress & Excessively Busy Schedules Ruining your Health & Romantic Life?

Romantic Life

Stress, this five-letter word may not look like much but its effects are huge and far-reaching in our life. There are various things that can stress us up, a deadline, lack of enough money, not feeling good enough, or simply the inability to get all our tasks done on time despite doing everything within our power to stay on top of them.

One of the most common reasons for so much stress and poor stress management skills come from being too busy.

Stress and being excessively busy has some heavy impacts on the body, and the brain. People who are always doing one thing or the other, and are under this pressure to make things work right all the time often ruin their health in the long way run.

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Stress isn’t good news for your immune system, as it has been proven by various studies that people who are more stressed have weaker immune systems as compared to those who have mild to moderate stress or are simply better at dealing with their stress.

So a cutthroat schedule and nerve-wracking stress can make you sick, even if you cannot see its effects on your body right now.

Starting with the obvious sign that stress is ruining your life is the fact that you feel so exhausted and drained day in day out that you cannot pay attention to your partner in any way. Often stress makes you work extra hard at your workplace, and when you go home all you want to do is to get in your bed and sleep or worse get into activities such as drinking or participating in activities such as binge-watching television.

So much exhaustion can also make you moody, quick to anger, and more irritable than usual. People who are under constant stress and exhaustion also tend to verbally abuse their partner or even resort to physical violence in many cases.

In such cases, it is highly possible that your partner will try to avoid you, or walk around eggshells around you or even seek pleasure or escape which can range from shopping, substance abuse to additions.

Apart from exhaustion, continuous stress leads to various mental health issues such as depression, low-self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

These conditions are much difficult to handle without professional help if you have been suffering from them for a long time.

These conditions may even impact your overall health and you may make you suffer from physical diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and many others.

These conditions may even impact your sexual life as they often bring conditions such as low sexual drive, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, low sperm motility, and a general disinterest in making love to your partner.

Thankfully, there are various ways to treat these conditions such as oral medications including Cenforce 100 andVidalista 20, penile pumps, exercise, and even counselling and couple counselling.

Sexual relations are a part of a romantic relationship and they are vital for both the partners in a relationship, and the most of the healthy couple enjoy making love to their partner regularly.

Given the impact stress and exhausting schedules make on your body, it is quite easy to see that it has certain specific negative effects on your sexual life which is a part of your married life or your relationship with your partner.

Apart from ruining your sexual life, stress also makes you less appealing and attractive in general. Stress can lead to skin breakouts, wrinkles, and even age spots. These things don’t stand in the way of committed trustworthy relationships but on some unconscious level, it has an impact on how worthy you feel in the relationship.

Stress and no time for adequate rest and sleep also make a person have little to no time for any physical activities or nourishing activities such as meditation, adequate and good quality of sleep. This also leads to poor blood circulation in the body, poor cardiovascular system, issues with digestion, and accumulation of high sugar levels in the body, and excessive fat accumulation in the body.

People who are under constant stress and too busy to spend time with their loved ones, fall into the traps of substance abuse which may come in form of alcohol, smoking, or even recreational drugs in some cases.

These things can shift the focus away from the relationship, making you feel less connected to your partner mentally, emotionally, and physically. These things can build walls instead of bridges and even lead to situations where you burn the bridge between you and your partner.

If your work life is busy, you must take a specific time out to make your partner happy, and give them your attention. When it comes to romance and long-term relationship, quality as well as the quantity of time.

Stress can also make you forget all about your partner’s sacrifices, or efforts that may be the reason that you are in a better position. Take some time to slow down, and prioritize your romantic relationship and your health.