Anti-radiation Devices Market: Latest Innovations, Drivers And Industry Key Events 2022-2031

Anti-radiation Devices Market: Introduction
  • Mobile technology is a remarkable invention which happened about two decades ago spreading from the urban space to the country side. Today, with the help of mobiles, one can even transfer files and documents through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. With 4G network and wider mobile application, human life has become highly dependent in every walk of life on mobile phones. However, this has increased the side effects of radiation on human health, emitted from mobile phones.
  • Anti-radiation devices have been invented to solve the issue of radiation on humans. Radiation emitted from mobile phones pertain to electromagnetic radiation owing to usage of radio frequency (RF) waves for making and receiving calls. There are many anti-radiation devices coming up in the market for mobiles such as stick on shields, chips, and buttons, which help in reducing such radiation. Thus, the anti-radiation devices market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period.
Key Drivers and Opportunities of the Global Anti-radiation Devices Market
  • Major consumers of mobile phones are the youth around the world, who are the highest percentage users of mobile phone globally, followed by adults. Increasing awareness about mobile radiation among both youth and adults and the risks associated with it due to excessive usage of phones is expected to drive the market for anti-radiation devices during the forecast period.

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  • Anti-radiation devices are expensive due to their unique feature which make them unaffordable for many people. Low awareness and product reach in developing and under-developed countries is also expected to restrict the market for anti-radiation devices during the forecast period.
  • More research and development activities in this field are expected to bring opportunity to the market due to the wide gap between developed and developing countries in terms of product awareness. Therefore, manufacturers have an opportunity to cater to the markets in developing and under-developed countries by introducing low priced devices without compromising on quality.
Europe and North America to Hold Major Share of the Global Anti-radiation Devices Market
  • In terms of geography, the anti-radiation devices market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.
  •  Europe and North America are expected to hold major share of the global anti-radiation devices market. High awareness about the harmful effects of using mobile phones among the people of these regions is expected to propel the demand for anti-radiation devices during the forecast period. Furthermore, people of these regions are very health conscious. Additionally, the high disposable income is the other factor contributing to higher demand for anti-radiation devices from these regions.

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Key Players Operating in the Global Anti-radiation Devices Market
  • American Aires Inc.
  • Belly Armor
  • DefenderShield
  • Envirochip Radiation Protection
  • GQueen
  • Mobile Safety
  • Penumbra Brands Inc.
  • RadiArmor
  • RF Safe Corp.
  • Waves Protect Corp.

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Global Anti-radiation Devices Market: Research Scope

Global Anti-radiation Devices Market, by Product Type

  • Shield
  • Neutralizers Chips
  • Stickers
  • Wearables