Andy Khawaja- CEO of Allied Wallet, featured on the cover of China Economic Review of “Building Billions”

Andy Khawaja- CEO of Allied Wallet, featured on the cover of China Economic Review of “Building Billions”:

Andy Khawaja is an ultimately successful entrepreneur known across the globe for his immense contributions in Information Technology and other fields. His accordant uphill battle has earned him an extensive recognition on various platforms and on social levels as well. While navigating, we come across various successful and helpful projects initiated and led by Andy Khawaja.

Andy Khawaja- CEO of Allied Wallet:

Andy Khawaja is also known for his globally renowned project “Allied Wallet” which reflects his sustaining knowledge for smart payments and transactions solutions of money transfer services. You might say that Andy Khawaja is the online payment provider who covered a lot of success stories and individual’s support consequently in the recent years. Andy Khawaja is also the CEO of one of the fastest expanding private business structure known as “Khawaja Holdings.”

Andy Khawaja – featured on the cover of China Economic Review –

No doubt to the fact that Andy Khawaja, followed by his brother Andy Khawaja has covered a lot of milestones over the years and has already climbed a lot of success ladders in the following regards. He has also been featured and recognized by many international structures and also making headlines around the world. Something familiar has also taken place recently which refers to another success story of Andy Khawaja.

Yes, we are talking about the most recent event where Andy Khawaja has made it to the China Economic Review. He has been featured by China Economic Review for “Building Billions”. The name of Title says it all.

Winning In line awards:

Ahmad Khawaja, other than being recognized by various platforms, also has succeeded to win some other awards, in the form of publications around the globe. If we list them all out, it will be a long list to navigate through, however, let us describe some of these appreciations which Andy Khawaja has received globally for his contributions and hard work.

Andy Khawaja won the title of “Most Innovative CEO of the Year”. Also in another latter event, he won the title of “Tech CEO of the year”. Isn’t that amazing?  In the past years too, Andy Khawaja has been awarded by different titles like “Corporate America’s CEO of the year”, “Game-changer of the year”, “Entrepreneur of the year” and last but not the least, “the American Genius Award”.

Vision and future focus:

When it comes to future goals, Andy Khawaja, through Allied Wallet is determined to focus his major contribution in Asia in which he can expand his merchant base. Another goal of him is to set up himself as a well-trusted transaction and payment solution structure.        Andy is also overwhelmed with joy of his immense contribution solar panel structures to Chinese Fintech.

Recently Andy Khawaja had a quote regarding his featuring with China Economic Review where he added: “I’m very proud to share my story with China Economic Review. We’ve had so much success in the region- but beyond that, I’m happy that we are helping so many businesses get off the ground. I’m happy that we’re protecting the payments of Chinese consumers as they take the advantage of the entire benefits that E-commerce offers. I’m happy to be a part of so many success stories.”