the best apps for watching movies and series

In order to be able to watch your favorite series and movies, in addition to the web versions, you often have to download a streaming application compatible with your smartphone. Here are a few!

Streaming movies and series is not possible on PC. If computer platforms are favored by the many sites offering the latest productions in HD, here’s how to stream content on your phone.

Also discover how to film your screen whether on Android or iPhone.

1. Molotov TV

The Molotov TV service is 100 legal and in fact acts as an aggregator. That is to say, it retrieves the video stream from the channels and offers it directly to the consumer on the screen of their choice. A free TNT package is available to everyone, then the audiovisual landscape grows with a dozen paying choices: Maghreb channels, European channels, OCS… Something to satisfy all viewers. Note that you have access to TF1 and Koh Lanta (even in replay if you pay), something that the channel seeks to prohibit as the success of the app is great! Ocean of movies provides you an expansive variety of movies and films so you must try it.

2. Popcorn Time

The Popcorn Time streaming service offers series and films on Android Smartphones is a real success. The reason is simple: it’s free! Simple and intuitive, this interface lets you choose your movie from a relatively extensive library and watch it on your phone screen. Popcorn Time is therefore very popular, and one of the favorite programs of viewers is Top Chef!

3. Netflix

Netflix is THE leader in the global streaming market. If it is available on TV and tablet, it is also available on Android Smartphone via its dedicated application. Against a monthly subscription, you will be able to benefit from all the films and a series of the moment but also from a very wide choice of media contents: cartoons, documentaries, an exclusive series like the Casa de Papel or White Lines… It is about a relatively flexible service offer since it is possible to cancel your subscription at any time.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Competition is raging in the world of video on demand and the war between Netflix and Amazon demonstrates it perfectly. With its Amazon Prime Video offer at € 5.99 per month (or € 49.00 per year with 30 free days,) Amazon is gradually nibbling away market share from its direct competitor. It must be said that the library offered in return for a subscription also presents a wide variety of exclusive series (soon Lord of the Rings!), Films and other documentaries. Amazon Prime Video is equivalent to Oreo TV for PC which is unique in its use for live streaming and films.

5. myCanal

This application, available for Android, allows all Canal + channel subscribers to view the package’s programs directly on their mobile screen. While it is of course possible to access live TV broadcasts, viewing of replay content is also available. You will also have the opportunity to download your favorite movies so that you can watch them even while offline. However, the offer is not the widest and prefers to focus on French content.

6. Disney +

Disney + costs € 6.99 per month (or € 69.99 per year) and offers 7 days free for everyone. With this low price, the giant Disney wanted to stand in front of Netflix and bury HBO Max (not yet available in France) which costs twice its price. The catalog is however interesting: all Marvel, all Star Wars, National Geographic … Downside, the mobile app remains a little capricious but it should gain in stability over time!


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