Beef Protein Powder Market: An Excellent Alternative for Bone Broth

Beef protein powder mimics the nutrient profile of bone broth. Bone broth is made from meat, poultry, and fish bones, and provides concentrated healing. However, consumers have an undesirable feeling towards the whole process of making bone broth, as it requires time, patience, and hours of simmering the bones and meat.

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The beef protein powder market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~6%, to reach a value of ~US$ 1.3 Bn by 2029. In the food and nutrition landscape, consumers are getting attracted to the beef protein powder market, as this powder doesn’t require the tedious making of bone broth. It has similar nutrient profile like bone broth, and high amounts of collagen-specific amino acids. Beef-based collagen supplements support skin health and slow down the aging process.

The outlook of the beef protein powder market also looks positive since beef protein powder is highly recommended for consumers who aim to gain complete proteins from a paleo diet. This powder acts as an effective alternative for regular-day dairy products and legumes, and is also beneficial to individuals who want to consume beef protein without eating meat.

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Beef Protein Powder Market: Novelty Factor of Beef Protein Beneficial in Resistance Training and Vitamin Deficiencies

The impressive amino acid profile of beef protein powder is gaining consumer attention for increased muscle mass and fat loss. Compared to placebos, beef-based collagen peptide supplements combined with resistance training helps develop lean mass and strength, especially in elderly men. Since beef protein powder contains similar proportion of essential amino acids found in human the skeletal muscle, it is beneficial in acquiring a favorable body composition, thus contributing to the impressive growth of the beef protein powder market.

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Beef protein powder also has higher protein content as compared to whey protein supplements and carbohydrates. This powder is highly recommended for individuals who combine resistance training with cardio sessions, as the beef protein isolate in supplements helps increase lean mass. Beef protein prevents muscle breakdown in individuals undergoing intense triathlon training. This powder boosts ferritin concentrations and leverages the iron status in athletes, which is less likely with the consumption of whey protein and carbohydrate sources.

Hydrolyzed beef protein is being consumed in shakes post workouts, which benefits consumers with extra zinc, folic acid, iron, and vitamin B12 (Cobalamin). Beef protein powder shakes help combat vitamin and mineral deficiencies commonly observed in athletes, which adds further value to increased muscle mass. All these factors are contributing to the growth of the beef protein powder market.