The year 2021 had started with a bang but things quickly spiraled out of control with the second wave of pandemic lockdowns spoiling things for all major industries around the world. India, one of the worst hit economies, is reeling with unprecedented challenges. In such harsh times, emerging technologies like Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning automation have come to the rescue, opening hiring opportunities for hundreds of different industries and domains. If you are planning to take advantage of this situation to grow your career, Data Science Training Bangalore is highly recommended. 

Here are the top online resources that are constantly putting up new information and trending topics on data science training.

What is Data Science by AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most innovative and largest cloud computing company, serving millions of customers across various domains, especially in the online and e-commerce sectors. Data Science training Bangalore projects invariably div into AWS’ various Machine Learning and Cloud computing technical papers to better understand the role of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Management in IT, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. 

With AWS resources, you can refine your understanding of what a data scientist does in a real job in order to achieve specific outcomes using AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud computing.

If you are planning to upgrade your data science career, you can refer to the AWS definition, which is highly helpful to understand the whole concept. 

AWS states that data scientists have a very specific job that includes designing and building learning paths and models using data. As a data scientist, you will create and work on AI ML algorithms, and train models to predict and achieve diverse business goals.

For those with different aspirations, you can take a shot at these roles with Data Analysis Course in Bangalore

  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Hobbyist Builder
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AI App Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Embedded Analytics Dev
  • Database Administrator

Advanced Data Analytics from Google

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful Data Science learning models for data scientists and analysts. With proper knowledge of data management learning models and algorithms, you can improve your understanding of how enterprise data analytics and embedded analytics for various operations work. In any data science project, you can refer to Google’s advanced analytics resources to augment and develop new solutions for a range of industries, including healthcare, mobile apps, e-commerce, video marketing, and so on. 

One particular industry where Google Analytics and data science resources are highly revered is the “Software as a Service (SAAS)” industry. SaaS is a multi billion dollar economy, and a majority of SaaS vendors are leveraging Big Data and Advanced Analytics to scale and improve the performance of their software with optimized costing and customer experience. Since I have mentioned customer experience here, it’s worth encapsulating the advanced use cases of data science and how it augments advanced data analytics methods.

Here are the top advanced data analytics methods you should stay focused on through your learning curriculum and project internship.

Automated Real-time Analytics

As IoT and connected devices get more leverage from the enterprise and commercialized IT networking companies, we are witnessing a boom in real time analytics. With gigabytes of data produced and thrown at data analytics teams every day, it’s the job of data scientists to find new ways to collect, extract, process, store, analyze and produce meaningful outcomes for business decision making — that too in teal time! The role of augmented intelligence and automated ML is highly revered in this field.

Predictive Intelligence

The ability of the ML models that data scientists create and deploy is verified from its influence on making meaningful forecasts for IT and Data analyst teams. This intelligence helps larger teams to strategically plan for bigger projects and develop a fully customer-focused service line without losing outcomes to ever changing security issues and data thefts.

People’s Data Management

Data’s truth measurement index is a growing market. There are not many data management companies that can 100% promise that their data is verifiable. So, it’s the job of new data scientists training from Bangalore’s top data science programs to ensure data passes the “truth” test. 

In this fast changing world of data science, we can no longer afford to stay a faceless force in the most advanced technology sector, which is worth trillions of dollars today. Get a certification today!


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