Which airbrush kit is best for cake decorating?

air brush kit

Airbrush are some of the simplest and most fun equipment to use when painting cakes. Airbrush kits are capable of giving you classy and neat designs that look professional in nature. If you’re the kind of person who loves baking and decorating cakes, an airbrush kit might be a great step for you. Unlike paint brushes, an airbrush doesn’t leave you with a messy job but works exactly as you want it to.

Here are some the best airbrush kit for cake decorating.

1. Complete Master Airbrush Kit

The Complete Master Airbrush Kit features a compressor, two airbrushes, and twelve food colors in its kit. It comes with an airbrush training book as well, making the product perfect for beginners. The kit is good enough to be used not only by beginners at home but also be pros in the bakeries.

You would love the fact that it comes with a training body and also includes two airbrushes (Dual action and Siphon). Additionally, the air compressor doesn’t require any maintenance and there are as many as 12 food colors to choose from. You even have an air regulator with gauge

 However, do note that it requires some work with the hose to make it work properly and the instructions in the training book are difficult to understand.

 2. Bakery Airbrush Cake kit

The Bakery Airbrush Cake kit comes with three types of airbrushes namely gravity feed airbrush, single action siphon airbrush, and dual action siphon airbrush. It consists of 2 air hoses and 12 food colors along with a TC-77 air compressor. The kit not only satisfies the needs of a home baker but can be very well used by professionals.

You have a choice of 3 airbrushes and 2 air hoses. It also has s a TC-77 compressor and consists of an instruction booklet. You also have 12 food colors to choose from.

On the down side, the machine can be hard to put together and doesn’t offer enough power.

3. Master Airbrush MAS Kit

The master airbrush MAS kit is a perfect tool for beginners and serves well for a lot of people who don’t have enough space to store the equipment. The kit comes with a dual-action gravity feed airbrush and Mini airbrush compressor. This compressor has an air-on-demand technology, which allows the compressor to shut down when not in use.

It is portable in nature and quite lightweight and has an “air-on-demand” technology. It also comes with a gravity feed brush and has fully atomized spray pattern

On the other hand, the usage requires eyeballing as the PSI indicator isn’t there and there’s no quick disconnect airbrush and line

Airbrush Kit Makeup Air Brush Gun And Mini Compressor 12V For Nail ...

4. Cake Boss Decorating Tools Airbrushing kit

The chrome plated airbrushing powerhouse gives you a remarkable experience. The kit comes with a compact 18 PSI compressor that has three adjustable levels to give you a truly customized experience. It is truly a delight to have in your kitchen.

It comes with three adjustable levels on 18 PSI compressor and a carrying case Plus, you would love the instruction booklet, great for beginners. There is also a plastic dropper to ensure the amount follow coloring and a rubber hose with special nozzle wrench

 However, you wouldn’t like the fact that it requires constant refilling and has a quite sensitive trigger

 5. Point Zero Complete Airbrush Kit

The point zero complete airbrush kit is a ready-to-use kit that can be put to use straight out of the box when connected. It is good for everyone to use as consists of six food colors, an oil-less air compressor and is extremely easy to use. The company also offers seven downloadable e-books that’ll teach one to use airbrushes.

The kit is ready to use and it offers six food colors. There is also seven downloadable airbrushing guides and comes with an integrated sponge gauge

The instructions though are slightly difficult to understand and you wouldn’t like the high PSI leads to a loud noise either.

6. Air Brush Depot Brand Pro Siphon Airbrushing System

The Air Brush Depot airbrushing system comes with a sturdy compressor and a hose. The kit consists of an airbrush holder, an air filter with gauge, and more. The airbrush can be used for everything, making it a chameleon of the airbrushes.

It comes with an airbrush  holder, a siphon feed brush and a braided hose. With the air regulator, you can use it at both at-home bakers and professional artists. You can also use it for several other purposes apart from cake decoration.

Do note though that the Styrofoam could get inside the airbrush and it does takes up a lot of space. Plus, it’s not really portable.

7. Kopykake Airmaster Airbrush Set

With tolerance to high pressure and great precision, the Kopykake machine makes for an industrial equipment that’d usually be used by commercial bakeries. The airbrush can be used to create fine lines, do shading, and more.

You can adjust the air pressure levels easily, from 8-14 PSI. You also have a built-in brush holder and it is easy to use. You can also use it to create fine lines and for good shading. The clear instructions help too.

What you wouldn’t like though is that the machine starts to vibrate at high pressure and that it doesn’t have a pin lever to slip out, which means the machine would need to be taken apart to fix it.

8. US Cake Supply Decorating Airbrush Kit

Designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and professionals, this kit is exceptionally easy to use and practice your skills with. The kit comes with a precision airbrush with three airflow settings, detailed user manual, and single-action gravity feed airbrush. The kit also offers an airbrush food coloring chart.

It comes with a single-action gravity feed airbrush and offers three airflow settings. Is quite lightweight and portable and can be cleaned very easily.

On the downside, it becomes noisy when exposed to high pressures and doesn’t give a smooth enough finish. Plus, it has a weak compressor compared to others we talked about above.

Final Thoughts

There are several air brush kits available in the market and therefore, it can get difficult to choose one. Your choices can be classified based on how many brushes they offer, if they come with an instruction booklet, and how easy they are to use. However, you can opt for one that offers the most number of colors, or anything.