Agriculture Tapes Market 2023 Coronavirus Impact: Pin Point Analysis Of Changing Competition Dynamics

Agriculture tapes are widely known as the solution used in the agriculture field which is made of premier plastic and cloth for providing the cop with an extraordinary performance which includes protection from external atmospheric condition and the capability to adhere to difficult surfaces. The agriculture tapes are used for a variety of application such as practical applications with durability along with splicing, patching and repairing silage bale wraps, covers, tubes, bags and plastic sheeting. The agriculture tapes can come with biodegradable components as well and it can come at different product form like clear tape, which is an ideal acrylic adhesive tape that can be cut according to required widths and lengths. The rising demand for biodegradable tapes required for the agriculture operations is anticipated to show the rapid growth of the agriculture tapes market in the coming years.

Agriculture Tapes Market: Dynamics

Agriculture tapes or produce tape is mainly used in the agriculture filed to quickly tie off the bags after gathering the crops or harvesting. Various innovations in the agriculture industry (such as ultra violet (UV) blocking, fluorescent, NIR blocking) are driving the growth of the market for the agriculture tapes. Agriculture tapes used in silage applications for increasing the nutritional value of animal feed for enhancing the milk production. Growing demand for fermentation of animals’ left out obtained from forage plants is apprehended to drive the market in the upcoming years. Rising demand for High-durability, the expansion of shelf life of finished products with high tensile strength, continuous improvement in thermal properties are creating opportunities for the agriculture tapes to grow. The recent development of bio-PVC (bio-Polyvinyl Chloride) is also responsible for creating new opportunities for the agriculture tapes. Moreover, the increasing penetration of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) in farming with the areas of limited water supply and the climatic condition is fuelling the growth for the agriculture tapes market in the packaging industry. But the imposed ban on plastic and polyethene use and government regulation in regard to the product disposal might act as hindrances for the growth of the agriculture taps. However, the rising popularity of the newly invented biodegradable agriculture tape and bio-based polymer is all set to impact the agriculture tapes market positively in the near future.

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Agriculture Tapes Market: Covid-19 Impact

The COVID-19 situation created by the corona virus is continuously impacting the growth of the agriculture tapes market in a positive way. In this pandemic situation, the supply chain management system of agriculture tapes has been disrupted. The future growth of agriculture tapes market is clearly depended on the durability of this pandemic situation.

Agriculture Tapes Market: Segmentation

Agriculture tapes market is segment by material, product and application.

By material the agriculture tapes market is segmented as follows:

  • Plastic
  • Cloth
  • Paper
  • Metal

By product the agriculture tapes market is segmented as follows:

  • Film tape
  • Foam tape
  • Tissue tape

By application the agriculture tapes market is segmented as follows:

  • Animal Bandaging
  • Bonding and sealing
  • Identification and repair
  • Masking and protection

Agriculture Tapes Market: Regional Outlook

Asia-Pacific region is expected to lead the market for agriculture tapes as favourable government initiatives such as R&D of protected agriculture practices are apprehended to drive the regional market. China is in the first place to do so. The Middle East and Africa region is also expected to show good growth in agriculture tapes production in the upcoming years due to the relocation of polyethene from other economies. North America is anticipated to show a slow-moving growth rate. Europe is also in the stagnant phase because of the different government rules and regulation against tape manufacturing and disposal. Implementation different techniques to increase crop yield may increase market penetration in economies including Brazil and Argentina and the rest of the South America is expected to show an average growth rate in the near future.

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Agriculture Tapes Market: Key Manufacturers

  • Tickitape
  • Scapa
  • Advance Tapes International
  • Theo Förch
  • HongTeng Technology Co.Ltd.

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