AfrikRising Founder and CEO Christine Reidhead Building a school in Ghana, Africa

AfrikRising is an 501c3 nonprofit organization in which Christine Reidhead serves as the CEO. The nonprofit was founded in 2019 and aims at supporting the underserved in Africa. The organization offers assistance to children in Africa by undertaking several initiatives. Some of its main focus is empowering the African child through education of which the vulnerable are the center of this project.
The aim of AfrikRising is to mitigate poverty and hunger in Africa. Its volunteers are dedicated and work tirelessly to ensure the vulnerable are reached through their work. Without boundaries, AfrikRising is extending its support to Ghana by building schools to support the education of children and the marginalized.

About The Project

Any location can be nice to read and learn for those who love to read and write according to some individuals. They might argue that it does not matter what room you are in, that knowledge is immaterial, that the physical context is secondary, and that focusing on what you are reading is what is important.

But if we move this reasoning to the realities of educational environments, the scientific proof is flagrant: for students to obtain the desired academic outcomes, getting rooms and learning spaces in good conditions is decisive. In other words, the situations of the classrooms specifically influence the standard of the pupils.

The truth is that a healthy school infrastructure, with refreshed spaces, makes it easier for children and young people living in rural places to study and, moreover, helps to increase students’ and teachers’ engagement and interest in learning. For the same cause, improvements in educational facilities play an important role in addressing students’ difficulties with access to the school system and in enhancing their results.

Every child deserves the right to safety and to be empowered through education. Street Children work in some of the poorest areas in the world and strives to ensure they go to school and learn. Even though the President of Ghana, Nana Addo has instituted a Free education policy, Surveys indicate a lot is needed to be done in terms of amenities and children’s general needs.

Highlighting the needs of these children, it’s necessary we collectively come to their aid. AfrikRising has four main focus areas thus; protecting children, educating children, empowering families, and supporting children in emergencies.

Providing this assistance helps get Street Children off the streets, away from danger, and into school. AfrikRising is working tirelessly to find safe, family environments for these children, helping them get back to school.

Mitigation of such challenges is why AfrikRising and CEO Reidhead has taken the first step of building a school in Ghana. This project will not only benefit children in Ghana and Africa but will also go a long way to impact the future generation.

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Little by little, a little becomes a lot, same way every act counts, no matter how small! You are cordially invited to be part of this change. A change that aims to put the world in a better position tomorrow. Please join our fundraising platform, AfrikRising, to be part of this historical moment. Official Website: