Acetylglucosamine Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2028

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Acetylglucosamine Market: Outlook

N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) is an amino sugar which is a derivative of glucose. It is an acid amide of acetic acid and glucosamine. Acetylglucosamine is a major component of proteoglycans, glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycan and other connective tissue building blocks. There are few methods available for the production of acetylglucosamine such as chitin hydrolysis, chemical methods, enzymatic method and production through biotransformation.

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High-efficiency process for the production of acetylglucosamine is urgently needed in the industry due to its increasing demand in the dietary supplement as dietary sugar, its potential to treat a variety of diseases, economic feedstock and others. Acetylglucosamine is gaining opportunity as sugar supplement for production of various dietary supplements products. The market for the dietary supplement is rapidly growing, increasing the demand for dietary supplement ingredients which is expected to boost the market acetylglucosamine. Owing to these reasons, the market of acetylglucosamine is expected to have significant growth over the forecast period.

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After various research studies and clinical trials, acetylglucosamine is considered safe for consumption, even at a higher dose (20 g). The results show no toxicity or any alterations in blood glucose concentration. Through various clinical trials, acetylglucosamine is significantly known to enhance the prevention of joint damage, joint disorder, injury, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and others. Acetylglucosamine acts as a substrate material for anti-inflammatory reactions and tissue repair. Acetylglucosamine is potential, an inexpensive and non-toxic candidate to treat inflammatory bowel disease. It is also useful for treating motion sickness, cardio-cerebrovascular anoxemia and suppress side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


It is also used for preventing and treating the sexual disorder. Acetylglucosamine promotes the lightening of the skin and therefore its demand is rising as an important ingredient in various skin care products. The cosmetic industries are widely using acetylglucosamine as it is known to reduce abnormal darkening of the skin. There are various research going on to develop reliable bio-fuel source. Acetylglucosamine from chitin and other sources is converted to biofuel by using Rhodotorula glutinis. The rising prices and decreasing resources of fuel are boosting the demand for developing biofuel.  In the coming future with more advances, the demand for acetylglucosamine is anticipated to rise in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and various other industry.

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Acetylglucosamine Market: Segmentation

On the basis of source, the acetylglucosamine market has been segmented as-

  • Shells of Crustaceans
  • Fungi cell wall
  • Fermentation
  • Others (insects, etc.)

On the basis of product type, the acetylglucosamine market has been segmented as-

  • Powder
  • Tablet

On the basis of applications, the acetylglucosamine market has been segmented as-

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics

On the basis of distribution channel, the acetylglucosamine market has been segmented as-

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Drug Stores
  • Online Stores

Acetylglucosamine Market: Key Players

The key market players operating in acetylglucosamine market are Bio-gen Extracts, Zhejiang New Fuda, Jiangsu Shuanglin, Nippon Protein Co Ltd., Pfanstiehl Inc., Zhejiang Golden-Shell, Taizhou City Fengrun, Yaizu Suisankagakukl, NutriCology, Source Naturals, Inc. and others. With increasing awareness among consumers and rising demand for dietary supplements, a lot of regional players are expected to enter in the market and is expected to make the market more competitive, resulting in scale-up of acetylglucosamine market over the forecast period.