A vector illustrations generator for those who don’t know how to draw

The drawing or vector illustration allows you to create designs for publication in any medium, physical or online without losing quality or resolution.

A drawing, image or vector illustration is one formed by geometric elements. Among its many advantages, they are easy to create, to replicate and, in addition, they can be reproduced in different sizes or resolutions without losing quality, something that unfortunately occurs in photographs or non-vector images.

Vector illustrations are often used in all kinds of fields, on and off the Internet. They are part of many websites, applications, promotional material, videos, and other advertising and marketing elements. In addition, on the network, we can find a large assortment of vector drawings with a free license that facilitates its use in personal or professional projects.

The next step is to have a tool that allows you to use vector illustrations without using the right to combine them and thus obtain complex designs to publish on paper or online even if we do not have the skills, knowledge or time needed to draw in conditions.

Vector Creator does this precisely, it gives us a catalog of vector illustrations that we can adapt to our needs and thus create drawings and images with different styles. In the end, we will get a PNG image to use in other applications or to publish directly.

Create illustrations without drawing

As if it were a puzzle, Vector Creator has a blank canvas and a list of elements to include in that canvas, from complete images of animals, people, plants or objects to symbols or abstract elements. Of course, we will also have the opportunity to generate a background at the height of the drawing as well as include texts.

In this sense, Vector Creator resembles design tools such as Canva or other more specific vector illustrations such as Vector or YouiDraw. And the best thing is that we can use it for free or even get the paid version if we want to go beyond the basics, such as a broader catalog and the possibility of exporting also in SVG or PSD.

The main purpose of the Vector Creator is to generate content from the available elements, without the need to design them from scratch. We simply place them, change their size or layout and finally export the result. And for this, we have 12 styles of illustrations and more than 3,000 elements to combine in a thousand and one ways. In addition, we can play with the images by placing them below or on top of each other, as if there were different layers, as well as filtering the catalog of vector drawings by clicking on All styles.

And so that your vector image fits perfectly in the project you are working on, click on Classic you can choose the canvas size: Standard, panoramic, custom ( Custom Size ) or even specific for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone XS or Samsung S9.

Vector Creator works directly from your web browser. You just have to start a new illustration and go ahead with your imagination. You do not need to register to use it or to export the result in PNG.

What’s more, you can choose between transparent or not and two possible sizes. In addition, it is possible to share the vector drawing directly on social networks, including the link to share and specific buttons for Facebook, Twitter, VK, Reddit and Pinterest.