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In The Email Shop data center, which we have decided to locate locally, in the Center region, the maintenance of your equipment is ensured by a team of professionals present on-site and able to intervene at any time.

The availability of our networks, back-up, and data replication systems will give you continuous access to your information and applications, even in the event of an incident. We allow you to rationalize your IT costs by renting the storage space and equipment you need, but also to control their proper functioning, by going directly to the site.

Security is at the heart of our activity, access to our computer rooms is strictly controlled by badge readers.

Presentation of housing or colocation

Any company that hosts its server in a dedicated and equipped room is aware of the investment that this represents. The premises fitted out to host the technology linked to the servers are required to comply with strict security regulations. This concerns both digital and physical access by third parties. Besides, it is necessary to cool the servers constantly, which should not stop working in the event of an electrical failure. For businesses, this represents not only considerable management in terms of technique but also significant financial burdens. You can, therefore, choose to have your own server hosted in an external data center.

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  • What is server housing?

The outsourced management of a server is called “colocation”, “housing” or even “server homing”. This involves outsourcing the hardware of a company’s server in a data center dedicated to housing. These data centers are managed by Internet service providers (ISPs) who already have the necessary infrastructure. ISP data centers provide enough space to store third-party servers on so-called “storage bays” (or “racks”). They also guarantee a reliable power supply, suitable air conditioning and constant access to the Internet. As a rule, these centers have their own fiber-optic network which guarantees uninterrupted network availability.

But do not confuse “housing” and ” hosting “. In the case of “hosting”, the service provider manages not only the hardware but also the entire software part. The server host allows clients to use the servers. Customers are renting usage time on the servers, so to speak. Rented servers can be located anywhere in the world. Customers do not have physical access to the equipment. Conversely, data center housing is characterized by hosting and connecting its own hardware within an external data center. Unless otherwise agreed, the company takes care of the administration, management, and maintenance of its own server. It is also possible to bring in an external technician mandated by the operator of the data center for current operations on the server.

Server housing can be likened to dedicate hosting: in this case, we rent a server from the service provider, while in the case of housing we only rent its location, infrastructure included. The server itself remains the property of the company and is hosted in the provider’s data center.

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Who is housing for?

The outsourcing of the server in a data center dedicated to housing is suitable above all for companies whose premises and connected to the network do not meet the minimum requirements required in the event of hardware malfunction and failure. People often look for best dedicated server hosting uk and their benefits. The housing allows companies to benefit from the advantages of a cutting-edge and efficient IT infrastructure while keeping their own server. This approach is particularly useful in the case where the server contains extremely sensitive data that requires protection against third-party access or in the case of very complex specific software. If for a business, having its own server is absolutely essential, but its premises are not suitable, housing is often a good solution.

Housing costs

The cost issue is also a reason for housing. Setting up and operating a room reserved for servers is not only cumbersome to manage, but it is also expensive. Outsourcing your own servers in a data center can help you save money. The costs for housing can nevertheless be very variable. These variations are due to the differences that exist between providers in terms of quality. Quality is assessed using the “Tier classification”. “Tier” is an English term which here means “level”. Tier 1 is the lowest quality level and Tier-4 is the highest quality level.

When choosing a data center housing, it is recommended to contact level 3 service providers. This level guarantees a server availability of 99.98 percent, which corresponds to 1.6 hours maximum interruption per year. Electricity supply and reliable Internet access with high bandwidth up to 10 Gbit / s are also guaranteed. All these parameters are essential for the proper functioning and reduction of server latency times.

Advantages and disadvantages of housing

For the company that chooses data center housing, benefiting from the provider’s specific infrastructure is a considerable advantage. Because these infrastructures not only offer optimal electrical power but also continuous network availability. Most of the data centers are equipped with an ultra-fast fiber-optic network specially installed for the needs of the center. The mandatory company can, therefore, benefit from all these technological advances, without having to delegate the maintenance of all of its software to external IT specialists.

The disadvantage of housing is the large physical distance between the owner, the operator and his server. If no company-specific IT expert is near the data center, it can be difficult to resolve problems without going to the provider, which often results in high exceptional costs. Another negative point: technicians only have access to the company’s server at certain times of the day and only if they are accompanied by data center security personnel. This can become problematic if an emergency response is required. The variable electrical costs must also be taken into account, as well as the long-term contract. Before signing the contract, it is advisable to study all eventualities with the service provider or, where appropriate, with a lawyer.

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