8 Best Architectural Sites in the World that you can follow right now


Living in the digital world, a website is now a necessity for a business. A website can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies for business growth.

This article will help you to know which website to follow, stay connected for news, trends.

Most architecture websites don’t know about the quality of their website which will serve as a standard for many business people.

The website is a visual and architectural discipline itself. Architecture affects society on a high level than on a personal level.

The quality of websites will surely enhance the business structure and profits of the business.

Thankful for architecture firms as they already concentrated and created the best websites with architectural vision.

It is hard to stay updated with emerging trends and easy to left behind.

These are the top architectural websites in the world (2020), ranked by the monthly website visitors, google reputation, quality of posts, and expert review.

  1. ArchDaily

They have 13.6 million visitors per month, 3million Facebook fans, 190million Monthly page view. ArchDaily updates news every hour for Architecture professionals.

The website is much of competition and project updates. They have better tools that help knowledge enhancement for better cities.

Arch daily is the most visited tool, knowledge for those who will plan and build for the future world.

They began with serving initial information, now, they are an evolving tool for everybody. The website is launched in the year 2008

And has a team of 5 their job is to improve the quality of life of billion people providing knowledge, inspiration.


They have 8.90 million visitors per month. It is considered to be a leading online website for novel fashion that focuses on the progression of fashion through knowledge.

Their commitment made them the well-known premium online destination for the latest developments with the fashion community.

Hypebeast has enhanced its website through video presence with real and impactful stories.

They concentrate on diverse things like fashion, footwear, music, arts, design, tech, travel, sports, and much more.

They are a team of 40+ includes editors, creative and visual directors, feature editors, photographers, social media managers, video producers, an administrative executive.

3. Apartment Therapy

They have 6.67 million visitors per month. They are well known for DIY how-tos.

It is a home and decor site which inspires us to live a better life. Launched in 2001 by Maxwell Ryan (designer)

They share design lessons, shopping guides, and are experts in advising for constructing a desires house.

Every day they feature a house tour with their readers for experiencing reality.

They also launched Kitchn in 2005, with experiencing the favorite room of the home.

They reach 20million across their website, social media platforms.

4. Curbed

They have 5.91 million visitors per month. They provide better designs for tiny living, gardening, home tech tips, renovation, interior design, furniture, shopping, renting a home.

“Love where you live and improve it all the time” – Curbed

Their vision to advocate for the places where people live, by celebrating, chronicling, and explaining everything you need to know about homes

The curbed website covers 12 American cities with their trends and ideas and also concentrate on neighborhoods, cities, streets.

They spread the news through Twitter, place-based stories with Instagram, topic-based newsletters which mainly focus on great homes.

5. My Modern Met

They have an average of 5 million visitors per month. Formed in the year 2008, to celebrate creativity.

My Modern Met has a mission to spread a positive culture by highlighting the best version of humanity.

They focus on art, design, photography, architecture, science, technology, environmental issues, and much more with diversity.

They publish visual images with motivating stories, provide a platform for artists. They have a goal of showcasing the creative minds around the world with the team of 10+.

6. New Atlas

They have 3.97 million unique visitors per month. The website was launched in the year 2002.

From 2002, New Atlas is celebrating innovation which includes technology, science, transportation, architecture designs, and many more.

In 2002 it was named Gizmag but changed to News Atlas in 2016. Atlas is the combination of maps to explore and find to a new frontier.

“We want to trace the development of extraordinary ideas that move the world forward”- mission statement.

They do in-depth analysis and take opinions from the world of science and technology.

7. Easy Interio

This is another good architectural website to follow. Simraan Shaikh from India has started this site in March 2023. And they post 3-5 articles every day.

According to them, Easy Interio is a one-stop solution to all the news and interesting facts about Interior, Architects, Architecture, and Real Estate Industries.

8. Dezeen

They have 3.33 million unique visitors per month. World’s most popular influential website with innovative and artistic designs.

Their mission is to bring careful and best-selected architecture designs and interiors around the world.

Launched in the year 2006 by Marcus Fairs (architect and design journalist) They are considered as the most popular website about architectural designs.

They also provide Dezeen Jobs, the most vigorous architecture design jobs. They received many prestigious awards for journalism and publishings.

They handle data with the help of the data protection act 1998.