7 tricks of the Google Translator that may interest you

Of all Google applications, your translator is perhaps one of the most popular. It has been running and improving constantly for more than a decade, although you may not know all the tricks of Google Translator to get the most out of it.

This tool has been incorporating some extra functions, so, normally, you have lost track of some of them. After all, Google Translate is usually used in an emergency.

Today we have compiled some tips from the Google Translator so you can better translate some long documents or even know how to pronounce certain words and expressions.

Fortunately, it has its application for mobile devices, although today we will explain how to access all these tricks directly from your PC or mobile through the desktop version, that is, the one available in the browser.

Surely from now on, you take even more love for the Google translator, and it is not surprising.

How do you hear a word

Learning to read and write in English is the easy part of learning, but how do you pronounce it? It is not unusual, especially for Hispanics, that it costs us some effort to catch the trick to the pronunciation of a word or expression.

Luckily, there is a Google Translate trick to know how to pronounce a word. Just open it and write the expression in the text box.

Then, click on the icon that appears below in the form of a microphone. Translate will read the correct pronunciation out loud.

Translate a document

You don’t have to write all the text you want to translate by hand or copy and paste it into the text box. You can directly upload a document in Word or PDF format.

Just below where you are supposed to write there is a link that says “Translate a document”. Go to it and upload the document you want to translate.

Translate directly from the search engine

If you want to do a quick translation, you don’t even have to open the online tool in your browser. You can directly search on Google.

Let’s say you want to translate “How do you open water bottle”. Well, enter this in the Google search engine and surprise!

Dictate translation

To launch this Google translator trick you will need a microphone or a PC with integrated micro. It is much more comfortable than writing, especially if the text is very long.

Luckily, Google’s voice recognition has improved a lot lately, and you’ll recognize what you say even if your accent isn’t neutral.

To access it, click on the microphone icon that appears under the text box.

Translate web

Surely this advice sounds to you. More than once you will have entered a website in another language without having any idea what it says. We no longer speak English, but other languages with which we do not even share the alphabet, such as Russian or Chinese.

In that case, the option to automatically translate the entire web appears in the upper right area of the screen. If you click on it, the menus, text and absolutely the entire page will be translated. Surely it will not be a 100% accurate translation but it can help you.

Save the most common translations

If you use this tool intensively, one of your best Google Translate tricks is to save what you usually translate. You just have to click on the star-shaped icon that appears under the translation.

In this way, Google will create your repertoire of expressions and words, which you can access at any time.