simple solutions to fix a car key
simple solutions to fix a car key

Owing to the various security purposes and to smoothen your journey, the car has been provided with a locking system, and every part of it is equally significant and should be well-maintained, but the most attention should be given to the Ignition Repair in case of any problems encountered with the ignition switch. The ignition switch is a starter switch that requires a key to be inserted and is usually connected with the motor control system and starts the motor vehicle once the lock is opened. 

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, car manufacturers have started producing motor vehicles without the key system in the ignition switch, which is quite helpful as there is no need to keep safe the key and be conscious all the time. But sometimes, due to some distortion in the ignition switch located near-lock cylinder, connected to the starter motor, the vehicle opposes any movement and breaks down, causing a problem for the riders. So, in those cases, if one is a frequent traveller, one should be pretty aware of the hacks to ignition repair.

Simple Solutions to fix an ignition switch issue with the car key: –

Most of the time, travellers seem to complain about their car key not turning in the ignition. If that is the case, here are some simple hacks to solve the issue: –

  1. Freeing the steering wheel- The most common reason for the car key not turning in the ignition is the locking of the steering wheel. This generally happens when the steering wheel happens to be rotated after the removal of the key. To free the steering wheel, one needs to turn the wheel on both sides and see which direction the wheel can’t be moved. After finding the given direction, turn the steering wheel to that direction and the key needs to be inserted and moved to the accessory position. With the jiggling of the key, the steering wheel should be moved, and as soon as the steering is unlocked, the problem will be resolved.
  2. Lubrication of the passage- Another common reason for the key not turning in the ignition is the jamming up of the ignition cylinder passage due to dust and grimes. In that case, one can spray the lubricant into the keyway and can wipe the extra. And then try to jiggle the key and start the ignition, failing which more lubricant can be added.
  3. New ignition cylinder- Sometimes, the problem can be as serious as a faulty ignition cylinder. In that case, the key should be turned to ignition position, the lock pin should be located and depressed, and the old ignition cylinder should be pulled out. Then the key should be inserted into the new cylinder (spare), and then it should be fitted, and the key should be removed. It is a tough method for ignition repair.
  4. Tapping the key- Another method is to gather tools like a hammer, put the key into the ignition and hammer the key with little force, as the key might break. This is done to tighten loose springs, if any, and then the problem is resolved.
  5. Fixing the key- One should also remember that the problem can be with the key and not the ignition switch. One should always have a spare key to use in case the key is broken. One needs to carefully examine the key blades to figure out if the key is broken.
  6. Substitute- one should always have a spare key and buy supplies from the local hardware store, but if not, one needs to contact the car dealership or locksmith to solve the problem.
  7. Calling the locksmith- The best and the only option left if one is un-experienced is to contact the locksmith to mend another key for the ignition to start or for purposes other than this. This is a common trend in middle-east countries and hence Car Locksmith Dubai is always ready to help.

Conclusion: –

Frequent travellers are always advised to carry spare automobile parts and tools along with them. The car breaking down and the car key not turning in the ignition is a very common problem in countries where cars are hugely spotted. The car locksmith Dubai is of desired capability and provides the required service 24 hours without fail, assuring the travellers of a safe and sound journey.


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