7 Modern Dining Room Furniture Trends in 2024

A dining room is where you spend some of the most important times of your life. Be it getting together with friends and family, celebrating occasions or relaxing and having a meal of the day. It’s where you host people and have “how was your day” conversations and much more. Therefore, other than being a trendy room in the house and reflecting your style, it should be a super comfortable space. A room which makes you happy. However, designing an entire dining room can be a tricky business. Where do you start and which dining room furniture items to keep in it? Since, it’s the place where your guests are served, the designing matters. The correct furniture improves and adds to the overall décor of your home interiors. Wondering how to make it more appealing? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We researched various dining room furniture trends and have narrowed the list down to the top best 7 trends of 2024.

This year, we are looking at a prominent trend, which is – investment. People are looking at the idea of investing in dining room furniture, not just to give it the room a personal touch, but enhance the overall aesthetics of the house. With that being said, the dining room has new trends and here are our 6 favourite dining room furniture trends so far – 

Dining Room Furniture Trends 2024



  • Mix and Mash your Dining Room Furniture


Gone are the days of playing “matchy-matchy”. No more matching all the chairs with the table and sticking to the standardized look. The assemblage of different colour chairs or different patterned chairs looks great together. Mixings textures, different patterns and colours can add dimension and warmth to your dining room. Try neutral upholstered chairs paired with a rustic and dark-wooded table. Or the simply lined chairs in contrast to a heavy-legged table.

Don’t be afraid to choose the elements which you love to create a different, unique and a personal look to your dining room. If you love the idea of keeping a contrasted look but creating a mix and mash with the dining room furniture overwhelms you, come visit our website and check out some great Sheesham dining room sets.


  • Make your Dining Room more Intimate with Round Tables
    Modern furniture is pleasing to the eyes and a sleek table with matching light-weighted chairs, fit the picture perfectly. Most of the dining rooms have a rectangular table but a round table provides more intimacy. It is a better conduit for conversations. As home décor trends towards more open spaces, there can be more opportunities for round tables. Moreover, they go with the small places as well, as they fit perfectly. Round tables are just the right size and shape for both the open space – large and small.

    On top of that, if your round dining room furniture set is complemented with a rug underfoot it, it makes it a perfect place to have a meal of at least four. And a cosy space for you and your loved ones to have close conversations over meals.


  • Make your Dining Room Bold and Beautiful



Want to make a statement? Look for the dining table with unique legs. These could be anything that pleases you – pedestals, X-shaped or columns. The reason behind this analogy is that when the table’s legs are bold, the chairs in that dining furniture set will be more streamlined. They will not detract from the style or design of the table. The table can be made of rustic design or retro-inspired design.

Throw in matte as an element of grace. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect, when you have the best design ideas in your mind. Everything is accessible to you via the internet. Cityfurnish, for instance, has the best collection of dining room furniture.


  • Be the Entertainer Amongst Peers!
    If you like inviting people over and entertaining them and organize parties or dinners, it’s time to add more chairs to the bigger table and truly bring in a “host” feeling. A big table with more chairs not only gives you more chances to love what you do – hosting, but it also makes more space for people, more comfort. And for that, you can go for a
    4 seater dining table to a 6 seater dining table, make that extra space that your peers need!

    On top of that, you can also throw in a bench. Benches are the new trend in dining room furniture. They are comfortable and can easily seat 3-4 people, by taking less space. Not only that, but a bench also adds a unique style to your room. It gives a French or modern farmhouse vibe which is extremely charming.


  • Perfectly Matched Dining Room Furniture
    Espresso brown wood tables and chairs are the hottest trends at the moment. A sleek yet stylish set of perfectly matched table and chairs, adds a flair of elegance. It’s visually pleasing, very interesting and automatically makes the whole room feel more inviting and warmer. Either both of the same colour or a dark-wooded table with a light cream chairs give a high-contrasted and class look. It is both perfectly matched and not as bold as having different coloured chairs, which might not be your taste.

    You can also add some dark-coloured leather chairs instead of plain plastic, metal or wooden ones. A subtle change in style but equally elegant and classy.

  • Go with Neutral Dining Room Set
    Choose to go neutral with your dining room furniture. A piece of all-neutral coloured furniture or palette feels fresh and clean. The trick is to use a lot of textures while choosing to go all neutral. For instance, if your dining table is the same colour as your chairs, the whole set could be of rustic wood. Or a simple and plain table with solid legs and white moulded chairs – minimalistic wood decor.

    You can also throw in some extra elements such as a neutral rug to complete the whole design. But if you feel adding a little vibrancy or a pop of colours into the room, you can place bright coloured dishes or use a colourful centrepiece to give your all-neutral dining room a vibrant touch.

  • Turn Your Dining Room into a Multipurpose Room!
    It’s all about making the most of the place. Now, it’s not just about putting a table in the dining and defining it as a room where you gather around to eat and converse with people. Though, it has always been like that, but times have changed. Dining rooms are now becoming multipurpose rooms. Whether you have to study or entertain or experiment with your unique décor ideas, you can do all that in your dining room.

    Throw in a small coffee table in the corner where you can read a book, or bring in trendy or different décor pieces to add on to the dining room furniture, which make the room more multipurpose.




Bonus Tip to Make Your Dining Room a Refreshing One!

PLANTS! That’s right. Bring in the plants, please. Plants always have an extra special place in any home and we all know why. They not only filter the air around you and get rid of the allergens in the air but also add the texture and colour to the beauty of the room. Furthermore, natural elements like plants are becoming more popular and coming strong into the décor world at the moment.

Some people add one or two plant but the key is to turn the awkward corners into something naturally beautiful, more thick, textured and rich-looking, by adding as many plants as possible. Make your room come to life by letting life take over it and decorate your dining room with plants!

Before Selecting Dining Room Furniture

Before making a choice or choose the whole furniture set, you have to keep certain things in mind. Consider the following things before ordering your furniture or designing your dining room –


  • The Scale of the Room – Take a look at your room and its size. Which table size and how many chairs would fit in the room? If the room is small, you can consider putting the table against the wall to save space.


  • The Shape of the Table – There are different types of tables, they come in different shapes. Round, rectangular, square, oval etc. Round or Oval tables are suitable for smaller rooms, whereas rectangular tables require more space and they also somewhat give a formal appearance.
  • The Material of the Tabletop – There are many kinds of tabletops i.e. wooden, glass, laminated, metal, marble or stone. Each type requires a certain kind of maintenance. Wooden tabletop does not need much maintenance and they also have more warmth. If you want a contemporary look, you can go for a glass-topped table. 
  • The Type of Dining Chairs – Dining chairs are not supposed to be as comfortable as couches where you can sink-in for hours. There are high-backed chairs, for open spaces. You can add mixed-seating to give a contemporary touch. Make sure the table is not too high which you sit.




There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating your house or personal space. The trends may be changing but, in the end, it depends on you how you want your home to look like. There are a lot of options and ideas for dining room furniture out there. Everything is available on the internet.

But as mentioned earlier, furniture is an investment and a big one. It requires timely maintenance as well. But what if you are a constant mover? What if your job or work demands you to move to different places often? Would buying all the furniture be feasible? We don’t think so!

Whether you have just moved to the city or are there for a short while, buying furniture would cost a fortune. Moreover, looking and searching for the right furniture, ordering and paying all the extra charges for delivery is a headache. And when you move again, you have to find a seller or pay a hefty amount to movers. So, what’s the solution? Renting! – That’s right. You can get all your dining room furniture on rent via Cityfurnish.