6 Tips for choosing the Best Walking Sandals for Women

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Women are born travelers and loves window shopping. With such activities, you will surely need to walk a lot and move from one spot to another. I guess, you do not only need much energy here, you also need to have the best walking sandals for women, so that you can feel comfortable with your footwear no matter how far you walk or how long you use it.

In my opinion, it is very important for a lady to use the right pair of sandal, which will suit every activity or occasion. As a human being, you have to consider the parts of your body like your feet because these will be used as you start to walk out of the house, until you get back home. This only means that you need to make sure that you will begin your activities with a good condition, continue doing it with ease and comfort, and then, end it without discomfort issues.

Now, to make sure that your foot will be fine, you have to use the appropriate walking sandals. I supposed, you should also learn to choose the best walking sandals for women. Doing this will surely make your every activity more comfortable. Because of this, you will be able to have the best experience as well, since the walking sandals made your day a good one.

1 Posture

It is very important to consider your posture, while walking. That’s why you should choose a pair of walking sandal with a slightly raised back part because this will be ideal for the spine. If you will notice the back of these sandals, it usually comes with a thicker sole and a short heel as well. And then, the platform is quite slim, too, for ease of walking on uneven or rocky terrains. 

2 Grip

Another important factor that you should consider when choosing the best walking sandals for women is the grip. Make sure that the outer sole would be made out of rubber for better traction. Through this way, you can avoid twisting the ankle or slipping on the ground. You should know that the ankle as well the support that you can get from the sandals is a vital aspect of the sandal that you are going to choose. Since you will be using this for walking, then I suggest you to look for the thicker straps as well as the belts to keep you away from slipping and falling.

3 Durability

This should not only be comfortable to wear, it has to be durable, too. You may be using this pair of walking sandals often, that’s why, it should be able to hold the body weight and protect the ankle and arch. Pretty sure that you also have plans of wearing it every day, so it is a must to be very durable, so that you can use it for a longer time.

4 Type

Are you even aware that there are several types of walking sandals to choose from, depending on the purpose? For example, if you wish to use it in the city, then you might want to wear a stylish one, but make sure that it would be comfortable, too.

Now, if you would like to explore the nature and alleys with these walking sandals, then make sure to have the grip and comfort. While with a hiking, make sure to choose the ones designed with closed-toe walking sandals. And then, choose a water-friendly type of walking sandals when you have plans of going to the beach.

5 Insole 

The insole or the footbed is another factor to consider because this will be touching the bottom of the foot. This is usually curved and raised on the arch to support the heel and forefoot as well. It must be designed using synthetic materials, cork, rubber, leather or EVA foam. It would be great, if it has extra paddings for better shock absorption. By the way, the texture will depend on the type of material used.

You just need to greatly consider the softness or the hardness of the insole, the texture, attachment to the upper and the support that it can provide to the foot.

6 Midsole

Lastly, you must consider the midsole, too, because it is capable of providing the cushion, support and the strength, which will help in protecting the foot from any sharp object on the ground.The materials used for the midsole also vary. It could be made up of leather, synthetic plastic and rubber. 

Sometimes, the midsole comes in various layers, too. This is also very helpful for additional support and shock absorption. Now, for this part, you have to consider greatly the flexibility, the material used, shock absorption, attachment of the midsole to the insole as well as the outsole.