5 ways to have sleeky corporate look

Having the perfect corporate look is a lot more than just owning clothes from premium brands, or having the right pair of footwear and accessories to pair them up. It doesn’t really mean that you have to come right out of a fashion runway! The art of dressing well is all in the details and as they say, many a times the first impression is the last impression. But, you can keep all your worries aside because Belk is at your rescue with major discounts and offers to help nail that perfect corporate look effortlessly as you can use the exclusive Belk coupons and promo codes to your aid making sure you get the perfect look clubbed with perfect savings!

Unsure from where to begin? We have curated top 5 ways for you to have the sleeky corporate look:

  1. White Button Down

The simple yet elegant white button shirt is a must have for both men and women. This piece of clothing is classic and timeless and can be paired up with multiple other things, like a blazer with pants or pencil skirt, high waist jeans with a classy pair of heels paired up with a watch for women and a nice coloured tie with trousers and pointed shoes with watch or just a simple blazer with jeans or pants for men.

  1. Black Pants

Black pants are the most versatile piece of clothing one can own. Another classy and chic yet fashionable must-have item in your wardrobe. These can be paired up with so many different things to create exciting new looks. For men, it can be paired up with a plain shirt with a tie or a striped or cheque blazer with a nice pocket-square to compliment it. And for women, it can be paired up with a cropped or cape blazer, a white buttoned shirt, a polo or ruffled sleeve top for a feminine touch with a delicate neck piece, watch and the right footwear. We’re sure you can conquer everything with this look on!

  1. Loafers

Loafers are understated when it comes to the right choice of footwear. For women, the perfect corporate look doesn’t depend on the height of the heels, instead it is solely about your personal choice which comforts you and makes you feel all confident at the same time. You can easily pair these up with any attire while playing with different colours and styles. For men, it is always believed or said that owning a mini collection of footwear is how it should be! But, on the contrary having just one or two right pairs of footwear is way better than having a mini footwear collection of yours. And, loafers are the one when it comes down to footwear because they are formal yet stylish at the same time and come in a variety of cool and pop shades to make you stand out from the crowd just by experimenting a bit with your choice of shoes.

  1. Watch

Wearing a ton of accessories like a walking accessory stand is a big no no! Just one thing is enough to make up for all of this is a classic and royal timeless watch. And this stands true for both men and women Nitzz SEO. Wearing a ring or not is something very personal and it cannot be commented upon, but having something nice on your wrist is one thing you should take note of. Speaking of the trends going on right now is to wear something gaudy and attention seeking but when it comes to wearing a watch to get that perfect corporate look you should go for something sleek, small and a simple yet classy watch at the same time. Something that is regal and timeless to withstand all the fashion trends and you’ll be all set with that right office look.

  1. Glasses

If you’re someone who wears glasses, then it’s time to buy new ones and also if you’re someone who doesn’t wear glasses, then also it is time for you to buy one! Can’t emphasize enough on how the right pair of glasses can be a game changer and make or break your entire look! Instead of just buying a different colour of current frames try on the latest and trending frame styles and you’ll be surprised how a simple change can contribute so much to your look. To name a few you can try the latest transparent frame glasses, cat-eye frames, oversized round or square frames, golden metal frames (our personal favourite) and few other trending styles.

The way you dress up is an extension of your personality and the corporate look should definitely not stop you from keeping the fashion trends in check. Feel confident and comfortable while also experimenting with your wardrobe is the secret to have the sleeky corporate look and keeping things HR-friendly too. Turn in to Belk as your saviour for this daunting task and you’re all set to dress up for success!